Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's REALLY Going On in Israel

So much of the world's news is focused on all the ways in which Muslims are desecrating societies across the globe with their demonic agenda of conquering it all. The squeaky wheel is getting all the grease; or is that, 'greasy wheel getting all the squeak'?

But few pay attention to what is happening on the inside of our friend, Israel. Sure you might know that they just went in and hammered a bunch of well-deserving Hamas dogs, although not nearly enough, but do you know what the religious Jews are thinking?

There is a group in Israel called the Temple Mount Faithful. These great people are the tip of the spear of the movement that will build the Third Temple on Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They are not idle. Neither are they unaware of the times.

In fact one might say that they are the most aware of exactly what time it is. For they do not look at the world from the jaded, distorted, ugly perspective that has Muslims killing innocent people around the globe; no, these people look at the world through the lens of the Torah and the Prophets which have been with their culture for thousands of years. Their outlook is reasonable and fresh in a world where liberalism, multiculturalism and the bane of Islam have all overplayed their hands.

And what you don't know is that the Temple Mount Faithful have themselves an agenda; they are not just waiting for some sign to drop out of the sky to spur themselves forward, they are already involved in steps that move them toward their goal.

On a regular basis throughout the year, these people are participating in many of the Scriptural ceremonial activities which are commanded or which their ancestors did millenia ago. Yes, they are doing what they believe God requires of them. WIth a rich understanding of Biblical history and history in general, they are themselves fulfilling Scriptural prophecy, they believe, as they labor toward getting that Third Temple built.

Though they fly quietly under the radar, do not underestimate this group; it could be that their task of building the Third Temple is exactly what God is doing in the world today.

Do not be surprised if you wake up one day soon and there is a temple to the God of Israel atop Temple Mount in Jerusalem; these are serious and faithful people. (Of course, that would mean that the Muslim's Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque, both of which currently reside on the Temple Mount, would have to come down first, which would mean that the 'offended' Muslim fanatics would be killing across the globe and we would be in WWIII...)

Furthermore, these people put out a regular newsletter which describes their mission, their perspective, their obligation and duty, and their hope.

It is a worthy, must-read that you can read here at this link.

You might want to get on these people's bus, for this could be one of the central parts of the Big Picture of what is really going on now...

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