Monday, July 21, 2008

From Farce to Force, the West Finally Dictates Terms and Conditions to Iran

AT LAAST, the west has FINALLY opened its mouth and is showing its teeth to the pencil-necked president of Iran and his ayatollah buddies. If you haven't caught the news flash yet, you can find it here on the Debka File.

In short, that diplomatic meeting in Geneva a few days ago that Iran scoffed at, well apparently the west actually meant it this time because they are finally backing it up with very real force. The United States, Britain and France are currently engaging in Operation Brimstone in the Persian Gulf which is an exercise to rehearse the enforcement of a naval blockade of petrol-related shipping in and out of Iran. And it's about time!

With the US State Department telling Iran that it can choose either "cooperation or confrontation," it looks like Iran will no longer be able to plot its own devious, defiant quest to get the bomb, all the while thumbing its nose at the world. Iran has two weeks to comply.

After that, Iran's economy will be quickly and directly affected; their shipping for the most part will be halted by the western allied powers. They will no longer have the option to simply continue on their belligerent way, for they will be forced one way or another to certain terms and conditions.

This will be a textbook example of how to deal with the power-hungry Islamic supremacist ideology which both Sunni's and Iran's Shiite's adhere to and spread. This will be a lesson for Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda and every Islamic-empire-thinking Muslim on the planet. Because there are only a few ways that this can play out and Iran loses in all of them.

First scenario, the economic difficulties in Iran could prove to be enough for the Iranian population to finally rise up and overthrow the tyranny of Sharia Law and its Islamic leaders. Look for Ahmadineijad to be dragged through the streets or exile himself to the protection of Hezbollah's wing. In this case the people of Iran win, the Islamic Revolution, or the current leadership in Iran, loses and all other proponents of Islamic supremacy also lose because the writing will be on the wall.

Second possible scenario sees Iran's maniacal president actually confronting the military of the US, Britian and France. Iran would really lose in this case. They would be pounded mercilessly, all of it well-deserved, and some fifty years of relative progress would lie in rubbles. And again, other Muslim power-seekers would be losers as well.

Thirdly, Iran's moronic president would foolishly order Hezbollah and Hamas, and possibly Syria, to attack Israel; or launch some attacks itself apart from its proxies. This scenario would result in Iran's getting pounded back to the stone age. Very bad for Iran. Hezbollah and Hamas would also be annhilated, both of whom richly deserve such a reward.

Fourthly, Iran would actually appear to agree to concessions to save its own skin and then sit back and hope Barak Obama is elected President of the United States. Of course Ahmadineijad is wise enough to know that he can easily manipulate the rookie and wanna-be do-gooder Obama, so he is likely to play this card. But politically, the strong hand which Bush would finally be applying to Iran would be finally seen as an effective, perhaps the only effective, option on how to deal with Iran, and Republican nominee John McCain could benefit greatly by this in November's election.

But no matter which way it plays out, one lesson will be evidently clear to all: you deal with Islamic supremacism with power and strength. They will walk all over you every single time unless physically prevented from doing so. Do not expect that the Muslim supremacist will show you the same respect as a human that you might grant him because he has completely different values than you do and will exploit your kindness as weakness. Don't give him that opportunity. (For those who missed the related post, Confronting Evil right here on Right Hooks, the link to that is here.)

So though this show of strength by the United States and friends is about four years too late, Mr. Ahmadineijad will finally find out who is the power and who is the pretender. The farce that has been his belligerent defiance will finally be met with the force his own actions have summoned.