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Flight 93 MCover-Up Exposed

Caught on video: shameful cover-up of the crescent-topped Tower of Voices


For three years, the Flight 93 Memorial Project has been relentlessly dishonest, publicly denying damning facts like the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent while making excuses for these facts in private.

Before the 2007 Memorial Project meeting, Project Partner and Flight 93 family member Patrick White was asked by the press about claims that the giant Crescent of Embrace points to Mecca. He said that all of the claims about what is in the design had been thoroughly investigated and been found to be untrue and "preposterous."

In private conversation at the meeting itself, White acknowledged the Mecca-orientation of the crescent and made excuses for it, arguing that the almost-exact Mecca orientation cannot be seen as a tribute to Islam because the in-exactness of it would be "disrespectful to Islam."

It is difficult enough to comprehend how Flight 93 family members can know that the giant crescent does indeed point almost exactly at Mecca, as critics are claiming, and still be okay with it. But White and the other Project Partners are going even further. They are knowingly covering up this damning information, and even flat lying to the public about it.

Whatever the explanation, this is what we are up against. Memorial Project participants know that the press will only cover our denunciations of the crescent design in those rare instances where we are able to mount a substantial public protest. Since the press never checks the facts, Project partners just issue whatever denials will get them through that news cycle, no matter how dishonest.

The above video

An example of this shameless misdirection was caught on video at last summer's Memorial Project meeting. Alec Rawls, who made the trip to Somerset PA along with Tom Burnett Sr. (father of Flight 93 hero Tom Jr.), directed public attention to the crescent-topped Tower of Voices. A full-color advertisement in the Somerset newspaper showed the public what the Memorial Project and the press would not: that the Tower of Voices is topped with an Islamic shaped crescent, soaring in the sky above the symbolic lives of the 40 heroes:

Tower of Voices top

At the meeting, Patrick White castigated Rawls for showing the meeting this artist's rendering of the crescent topped tower, even as this very same graphic was on display by the Memorial Project itself just outside of the courtroom where the meeting was taking place.

White angrily denounced any suggestion that the approved plans for the memorial were indicative of what would actually be built, clearly implying that the crescent topped tower is no longer part of the planned memorial. Yet White had asserted exactly the opposite just three months earlier, when he and other family members involved with the Memorial Project declared that they would fight to build the design as approved:
Commission Chairman John Reynolds said he anticipated that people who opposed the memorial design would present a petition to throw it out.

But family members yesterday said they will work tirelessly to have the monument completed according to the design by the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

"We're standing up and saying, 'Enough.' We're proponents of the winning design," said Patrick White, whose cousin, Louis "Joey" Nacke II, died on Flight 93.


Mr. White said his group rejected any wholesale change to the design but allowed that it would have to be modified as it shifts from paper to reality.

However, Mr. White added, "They're not going to be changed based upon the idea that someone sees crescents everywhere."
This was shortly after our blogburst group started hitting hard on the crescent-topped tower, which the Project Partners are known to have been angry about. In effect, White was directly insisting that the Tower would not be changed just because people were upset about its crescent shape.

The press ignored White's implied denial that the crescent shaped tower will be built

If the crescent shaped tower is actually to be removed, or changed to some other shape, that is a significant concession, and should have been widely reported, at least by the western Pennsylvania press, but it was not mentioned in any newspaper.

Has the blatant Islamic-Supremacist symbolism of the crescent-topped tower actually penetrated the thick skulls of Patrick White and his cohorts? That is doubtful. When they only faced blogosphere pressure over the crescent-topped tower, their response was angry insistence that the design would NOT be altered. The difference in August was that everyone they had to deal with face-to-face had just seen the crescent topped tower in the local newspaper. The difference was exposure.

Since the press went on to cover up what we worked so hard to expose, there is no reason to think that the Memorial Project will change the design at all. They managed to sneak their cover-up through one more news cycle, which is all they have ever cared about.

Not that any tweaking of the design could ever make it anything but a terrorist memorial mosque in any case. The Tower, for instance, will still be a year round accurate Islamic prayer-time sundial, regardless of any change to the Tower's profile. (The Memorial Project knows about this too, and makes utterly dishonest excuses for it.)

Better stand up and fight America, or there WILL be a terrorist memorial mosque on the Flight 93 crash site.

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Anonymous said...

yes, it makes perfect sense that the families of those killed by terrorists on 9/11 voted to secretly honor the terrorists who killed their families.

is this site supposed to be satire or something?

PackSmack said...


No, the purpose of this site is to pry open the eyes of the American public so that they can see that Islam is evil, that liberalism is evil, and that both are working together to send this country down the toilet, while Nero fiddles and everyone is stargazing at Obama, their messiah.

Hopefully, the truths presented on this site will open some eyes.

Besides, once you have seen much of the information on this site, you can no longer claim ignorance, for you have heard...

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It is an optical illusion. You see what you want to see.

When the East Germans built a water tower in East Berlin, they were very proud of their accomplishment. (It was a suppose to be seen as a symbol of the ability of the East German system's engineering prowess.)

The East Germans became embarrassed because when the sun shined on the tower, the sun's reflection off the tower's surface emanated into the shape of the cross. The East German authorities turned themselves into pretzels trying to eliminate the optical illusion.

No cross was on the East German water tower. No crescent tops the monument.


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You may be on to something. Those Islamistleprechaun are very sneaky.

"It all started as I was starting my morning in the usual way with a Twinkie, a Mountain Dew, and a big bowl of Lucky Charms. I'll never forget that moment. I was bringing a spoonful of oaty goodness to my mouth when I spotted it, a crescent, the symbol of Islam. And it wasn't just any old Muslim marshmallow crescent.This one sported a bulge in its midsection, a big bulge, a mighty package. It was if the entire Islamic world was mocking me. One billion people pointing at my rather smooth crotchal area, taunting me, questioning my manhood, and declaring the superiority of Muslim masculinity.

Sure, it is a subtle form of propaganda, but it derives its power from its subtlety. Millions of Americans view that crescent every day and the vile image of its package sears itself into their brains. There it sits as the brain subconsciously processes over the remainder of the day. Then, at bedtime, we men are overcome with feelings of inadequacy as our wives look at our little soldiers and laugh and call us names like "General Dinky-Dong" without really understanding why they are motivated to do so."


"I then mapped it out and found that the line between General Mills HQ and Mecca went directly through Norway and Sweden, foreign places where the national dish is lutefisk--a kind of jellied fish much like the Arab dish, maraq samak sana'd except it's soaked in lye rather than tomato sauce and doesn't stink as badly.

We all know that Swedes and Norwegians are a very handsome, but randy, people, and that our wives often think about them during intimate moments. This, like the mental images of the crescent bulge, affects American patriots' marital relationships, causing feelings of inadequacy in men and contempt for husbands in women. So you see, Swedes, Norwegians, and Muslims are all after our white women. That's what the Lutefisk Line is all about."

The truth is here for all to see. Quick boycott LuckyCharms!!


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