Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama's First Words, Acts, Assist Jihad

Some of former Senator Barack Obama's very first words and his very first actions in his new role have given the world-wide jihad movement hope for some breathing room.

After eight years of ceaselessly being hunted down and eliminated in every corner of the world by heroes like the unfaultering President George W. Bush, his eminant Vice-President, Dick Cheney, and untold hordes of unnamed brave special forces warriors, Muslim jihadists must have felt the relief as Mr. Obama said in his inaugarational speech, "For the Muslims, it is a new day; we will work together with mutual respect."

Of course, such platitudes to a group of devil dogs inspired by its 'holy book', the Qu'ran, toward our complete destruction, and who possess no respect whatsoever for the United States of America, its self-stated sworn enemy, mean only one thing: capitulation.

It also means that such respect will be given where it has not been earned, thus validating 911 and every terrorist action since, from the Muslim point of view. It says, 'See, if we use the tactics of blatant and brutal murder, we can get further down the road towards where we want to be; where Mohammed told us to go.'

Another implication of such a statement from the office of the President of the United States is the typical liberal 'hate-America-first' crowd sentiment which says that jihadists attacked the United States because of the egregious actions of the United States; in other words they attacked because we deserved it. This lunacy totally ignores the commands from the Qu'ran and other Islamic authorative offices which command unequivicolly clear instructions for all Muslims to participate in jihad against all non-Muslims indefinitely. Co-author Ben has spent a lot of time and effort exposing this mandate, revealing the true inspiration and motivations of Islam, right here on this blog and other places.

Such revelations, of course, make it clear that to treat Islam with 'respect,' as the new administration has now pledged, is to place the entire population of this country one more vulnerable step closer to a murdering and moral-less beast.

Furthermore, the very first act by the new President was to suspend prosecution of detainees and the Guantonomo detention facility; which also ratifies Islamic jihad. Never mind that these cold-blooded killers shed the blood of American soldiers, made many American children fatherless, created many American widows, and have caused incomprehensible sorrow to grieving parents and families, no; Obama says that we should halt the prosecution of justice for all these people and the soldier that they each lost - which is a blatant slap in the face to every family who has suffered and every soldier who has served - to benefit the dregs of the world, Muslim jihadists.

Hence, more capitulation.

Yes, you voted for 'change;' change you are getting. And the Muslim warriors are celebrating with you.

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Ben said...

Well done PackSmack, right on target.