Thursday, January 22, 2009

Israel at War

The Jewish Press has a most excellent oped piece by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky which I urge you to read. It is full of facts and well founded opinions based upon those facts. These samples should be sufficient to whet your appetite for more.

Israel's greatest weakness is its lack of a plan for victory, which suggests to the world that the outcome of this war - the eighth war in Gaza since 1948 - should be yet another round of Israeli concessions and the resuscitation of the futile land-for-peace formula. Nothing that has occurred has stripped most Israeli politicians of the illusions that one can negotiate evil away; that all that is required for peace to erupt is a little more talk, a little more time, and another signed agreement; that rockets from Gaza can be stopped without Israeli boots on the ground; and that victory is not possible - the first war in history in which victory has been pronounced an impossibility.

Nonetheless, the party with the end game usually prevails over the party that dithers, fantasizes and projects its good intentions and nobility on a cruel and heartless foe - and it is this that bears reflection in the days and months ahead.

The enemy deserves a heavy and sustained blow for each rocket it launches - or will launch - against our brethren. Compassion for the cruel is one of the most harmful emotions in man, and guilt over the preservation of Jewish life in the face of a brutal and sadistic enemy - one that uses its own children as cannon fodder - is un-Jewish, foolhardy, dangerous and counterproductive.

Please click the link, read the entire article and share it as widely as possible.

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Excellent insight by the author on Jewish Press...he has clarity...something the liberal useful idiots have no concept of. The liberals are leading us down the road of destruction...I think it is going to get ugly here pretty soon...