Thursday, February 26, 2009

Six Million Muslims Convert to Christianity Every Year

In an interview on Al-Jazeera, a Muslim cleric bemoans the fact that in Africa, six million Muslims convert to Christianity every year.

That is 16,000 every day.

And 667 every hour.

I thought 'Allah' was supposed to be 'great;' why, then is 'he' losing so much ground to Jesus?


Ben said...

I first encountered that story in a PalTalk chatroom. If you get involved there, be blessed sure you have AVG & Zone Alarm installed, updated and properly configured first or you will get severely infected! Do not accept any files anyone tries to send to you. Do not use a feminine sounding nick. Do not reveal your identity or location! That error cost Hossam Armanious and his wife & daughters their lives.

The claim is that Christian Missionaries are paying a bounty on converts. I can't assess the truth of that, but I am skeptical. There is considerable missionary activity in the region, and the satellite tv station operated by Fr. Boutros Zakaria is having a wide and intense influence.

That interview is several years old, it is possible that the statistics may have changed; I have not seen any more recent.

PackSmack said...


I don't have the time for another chatroom...I was pretty heavy into AOL's War on Terror chatroom around 2002-2003 and all the way up to 2004 or 5 and they get addicting. Yes they are great fun, but you can't let go of the battles and soon it's midnight and the wife doesn't like to sleep alone (fortunately.) But if I were to get back into a chatroom, that sounds like a great one to get into.

I highly doubt that Christian missionaries are paying a bounty for converts...that's not how it works. Besides, they are not rich people or organizations. I have friends who are currently missionaries over there (Ethiopia), have known others, and, almost went there myself for that same purpose, and, as a matter of fact, my ex-wife is over there right now for that same purpose (south/eastern Africa); (I am re-married). Furthermore, I have very good friends who are from Egypt and are Coptic Christians, like Hossam Armanious. One time when one of their Coptic friends, also from Egypt, out-stayed his visa, the U.S. Marshalls came and talked to me to help put the pieces together. We did. And we found him - he was in Canada...long story. But the Egyptian Coptics are a colorful bunch. They do not think like westerners, though, that is for certain.

Can you tell that my wife isn't home tonight? I'm very long-winded.:)