Friday, February 13, 2009

Obama the Opposite of Lincoln, Kennedy

The illusion-creators who crafted a pre-Presidential logo and brought in the Greek-column backdrop for the Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, before the election have also tried to convince you that Mr. Obama is like President John F. Kennedy, and the great President Abraham Lincoln.

We see something far different. In fact, we see that Mr. Obama is the opposite of each of these Presidents of the United States. And we will tell you why.

Whereas President Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country," Mr. Obama's election rhetoric as well as his actions since taking the job in the White House seem to say something quite different; his motto-for-the-masses can more accurately be summarized as this: "Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you."

With lobbyists popping out of the woodwork rushing into the Treasury Department for a handout and mayors from around the country flocking to Washington D.C. like seagulls to a biscuit to get in on Obama's great generousity, Mr. Obama has composed himself to be the Great Mother of us all, and his government the one to turn to for all of your needs. Never mind taking care of yourself. Never mind behaving in a responsible manner. Never mind consequences for your own choices. Never mind ambition and all the hard work everybody else does. Obama wants to control the pie in the sky and give you your morsel.

And don't ask him or his circle of power to be responsible; no, they are the ones who will be holding the Inquisitions. Yesterday Sean Hannity played some audio of some Democratic leaders grilling corporate executives for possible indiscretians and mis-use of money related to the failure of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. Then he played audio from a few years ago when conservatives pointed out that Fanny and Freddie were in trouble due to liberal mandates on the banks to loan money for housing to people who could not afford it. It was the same Democratic voices. Except, instead of drilling executives and holding them accountable, these SAME Democtatic leaders were the very ones testifying to Congress about how Freddy and Fanny were not in trouble and that accusations that it was were ridiculous and unfounded...

I hope you understand what that said. It said that a.) the Democrats are responsible for the housing crash, and, hence the current economic condition b.) that conservatives saw the problem, tried to stop it, but were shouted down by ignorant Democratic leaders c.) that those same [ignorant] Democratic leaders who defended Freddy and Fanny and prevented a solution to the problem several years ago, are now smugly and self-righteously blaming others for the failure.

Yes, we are beginning to see what our government can do for you...

And while some are dazed by the infatuation that Obama is like Kennedy, others are deluded to ponder that Obama might be like President Lincoln.

Except that, whereas President Lincoln freed those who were enslaved, Mr. Obama is seeking to enslave those who are free.

Mr. Obama, reckoning himself to be like the Great Emancipator, is rather the Great Enslaver, for he is seeking to shackle free people with unsurmountable government debt, to wrap the cloak of socialized governmental control deeper into areas of your life, and to restrict your responsible choices to what government says you can do.

This government is rewarding recklessness, lawlessness and laziness and punishing uprightness, effort and hard work.

Can there be any doubt that the fox is in the hen-house? That the kids are in charge of the candy store? That the Jason of Socialism which we fought against for 50 years has resurrected himself and is alive and well on this Friday the 13th and is sitting in the White House?

This is way past fantasy and farce, it is now turning fatal. It's time to pull back the shower curtain and expose that Mother, Mr. Obama, and his thugs and cronies for what he and they are...a wicked, selfish and desperate danger to the well-being and future of the people of the United States of America.


Anonymous said...

you really don't understand economics...

Ben said...


I understand economics, having minored in that field and having taken advanced courses from the school of hard knocks.

Economics boils down to subsistance.
Real life is about scrounging and scraping for enough food to maintain existence.

There is no free lunch. There is no magic wand. Everyone who pretends otherwise is a fool, liar, or more likely: both.

You are both, a turd worthy to be flushed.

Obama's "stimulus plan" will result in increased and prolonged depression, unemployment and economic loss.

It will also result in the destruction of our medical care system.

Everyone's income is someone else's expense. There must be some balance, and that balance is best decided by a free market.

There is no place in the market for the intervention of force.

PackSmack said...

PW, and you don't understand manipulation or right from wrong. Or socialism. Or how enslaving big government can be. Or politics. Or the real world, aside from the presently-popular liberal fantasy.

PackSmack said...

Or hypocrisy.

Lisa Graas said...

Bravo, bravo. I did a post on relativism yesterday. I may do a follow-up and include your link in the post. In the meantime, I'm adding you to my blogroll. We're truly on the same page on a number of things. I'm not 100% with you on your views about Palestinians but very very interested in reasonable discussion and I am open-minded. Keep up the good work. Now roll up your sleeves and get back to work! We're all going to have to work together if we're ever going to be able to get this country out of the ditch. I am **this close** to breaking out my pitchfork and torch. Many blessings!

Lisa Graas

Anonymous said...

" are...a turd worthy to be flushed..."

wow ben, that might have really pissed me off back in third grade.

of course there is no free lunch. that is one of the most basic principles of economics. no one is denying that every income comes at the expense of another.

but government spending is most definitely a plus in recessions. the problem the u.s. is facing right now is largely a crisis of consumer confidence. people won't spend money, so business don't make money, so they cut wages and benefits, so people won't spend money, etc, etc (downward spiral).

if you give people who are afraid to spend any money tax cuts, they're not going to spend the tax cuts either. by using government spending, you are ensuring that every dollar of tax money goes directly to creating jobs and/or purchasing goods, putting money into the economy.

and @packsmack:

if you really think that this crisis was caused by poor black people defaulting on their loans, you really do need to look more in depth. do you know what a credit default swap is? or a collaterized debt obligation? it was the side bets and sheer stupidity of wall street brokers that turned a relatively minor mortgage crisis into an economic catastrophe.

Ben said...

It does no good to create highly specialized positions requiring extensive education, training & experience; jobs which can only be filled by the currently employed work force in the specialized field.

Assembly line workers from the Chevrolet plant will not be hired as engineers or heavy equipment operators building roads & bridges.

Likewise, they will neither seek nor be offered clerical positions in the new bureaucracies created.

What AssIdiot thinks that ACORN will put those factory assembly line workers to useful labor or that it will pay them enough to maintain their mortgages and credit card payments?

Creating X number of jobs does no real benefit if they are temporary, low pay, part time and located far from the area where the unemployed reside.

If there are X unemployed and you create X/2 jobs, for which the majority of the X set are not qualified, you have accomplished nothing.

The present predicament results from several factors, including but not limited to:
1. Excessive union contracts in the steel & automotive manufacturing sector. They choked the golden goose: no more eggs.
2. Idiotic government rules & regulations which pushed up costs.
3. Greed: too many people trying to "get rich quick".
4. Greed: too many loan companies pandering to public greed by promoting home equity loans & ballooning mortgages.
5. Greed: too many pandering politicians protecting the crooks from exposure & preventing amending regulations to prevent the abuses.
6. Government rules & regulations which pushed up the cost of construction.
7. Excessive speculation.

All of which factors feed upon a rich stew of ignorance and avarice.

There is no magic wand solution.

A properly designed tax cut would allow those who retain their employment to save and or pay down their debt load. In either case, the quantity of money available for investment would gradually increase. To the extent that they spend part of the cut, it would help to keep commerce moving and slow the pace of unemployment growth.

Anonymous said...

ben, i agree with you on 3, 4, 5 to some extent, and 7.