Friday, February 27, 2009

Open Letter to the President & Senate

I am informed by an AP article at One News Now, that the U.S.A. is expected to donate $900,000,000.00 to help rebuild Gaza. How in Hell can any damned fool be so stupid? There is no reason whatsoever to reward those blood thirsty Barbarians for provoking Israel.. Any intelligent person can accurately predict that the Barbarians will regroup, rearm and attack Israel again, resulting in the total waste of what ever tiny fraction of that large quantity of money will be used in rebuilding instead of rearming.

Past experience teaches us that little if any of those funds will be used for the intended purpose. Besides which, we don't have it. We are practically bankrupt already, and you are throwing away trillions already. Why throw away another billion? Stop the madness; don't give the Falestinians a Gd'd cent!

I find the stupidity and irresponsibility of our elected leaders absolutely infuriating. This debacle testifies poorly to the intelligence and reasoning capacity of the electorate. It is time to bring back the voter qualification examination.

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