Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Annual Man of the Year Contest

In the face of a crumbling country, where insanity and madness have risen to power and now runs amok over the citizens of America, the United States Constitution, all forms of decency, wisdom and common sense, and where thugs and heathens are allowed to also run wild the world over, RightHooks has made a decision to present a rare post on this blog.

In the spirit of lightening things up for a moment, we present our 1st annual Man of the Year contest winners.

Of course none of these candidates even knew they were running for the honor, but you will understand why they won, nonetheless.

So here are our winners...

The Third Place Winner goes to this guy:

3rd Place Winner, Man of the Year

Our Runner-Up is this fellow:

2nd Place Winner, Man of the Year

And our winner, the official Man of the Year belongs to this character here:

Official Winner, Man of the Year

Hope you enjoyed that.

Because you sure are not going to enjoy paying for everybody else's health care and condoms.

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