Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Liberals Hate Bush: They Are Racists

Liberal whiners really were not opposed to the War in Iraq. They did not really believe that Bush orchestrated 911. They really did not chant, "No blood for oil," because they felt like that was the reason why we sent troops to Iraq.

No, the reason behind why all liberals were against the war and Bush is a lot more simple: they are racists.

Yes, it just bubbled up from within them, and they were not really against any ideas, they just hated Bush because he is white.

How do we know? Well, we have been granted the same omniscience that Jimmy Carter has. You know, the ability to make sweeping judgments about what actually motivates a person, like the cry-baby governor of New York did. Like the professor from Yale or Harvard, or wherever professor Gates was from - like he did. It is the ability to be certain of what motivated another human being, and to then be able to state that what motivates him is his hate for people of another skin color.

You thought it was only God who could do this, but, no, you are very wrong. Black politicians, Jimmy Carter, all liberals, and main stream media reporters have this ability as well.

And now it has been also granted to us here at RightHooks.

It is pretty amazing to be able to tell why all those people opposed the war. I always thought that it was because they were a-moral, weak-minded, easily-duped, useful idiots. But I learned from Jimmy Carter that I was wrong; I learned that it must be because of racism that they opposed the war. It was because they hate all white people and Bush was born white. For it could not have been that they disliked the idea of being in a war in Iraq, or that they thought and said that he lied; it was simply because they are all racists.

Thank you, Mr. Carter and Mr. Governor of New York for educating me in how to really understand the world I live in.


Ema Nymton said...


Domestic "christian" Terrorist,

Found something you will understand.

"So Troy West is standing there at the door of a Morrow, GA Cracker Barrel Restaurant, and he sees a black woman and her daughter standing on the other side. Like any good ol' mullet-wearing 41-yr-old man-boy, he reacted by swinging the door open hard, barely missing the child.

The mother, obviously a racist like Obama, arrogantly rebuked him, saying, "Excuse me sir, you need to watch yourself you almost hit my daughter in the face."

Troy then responded in the only way a true Teabagger-American could. He called her a "fucking black nigger bitch," slugged her in the face, and then kicked her repeatedly when she fell to the floor.

He then ran away as the woman's child taunted him by "crying uncontrollably ...her body shaking [and] trembling."

And who was arrested? Yes, you guessed it: the white Christian male. We can't get a break in Obama's racist America. ..."


"A good ol' white boy just can't get a break anymore. There was a time...[cue patriotic music] when that negress would have scolded her chil' for having been in the wrong place at the wrong time, forcing that innocent man to risk spilling the blood of that young 'un on his clean Nikes. Where are those good ol' days, anyway?????"



RightHooks said...


And why was Mr. Cracker arrested? Because he was white or because he was wrong?

Do you mean that there can be objections to someone's behavior or actions which have nothing to do with the accused's skin color? but rather just with how that joker's actions departed from a moral standard?

Well, tell that to Jimmy Carter and the whining governor of New York.

And thank you for proving my point.

Welcome to the Republican Party.

Ema Nymton said...


Domestic "christian" Terrorist,

Welcome to the Republican't Party.

You lose.