Thursday, September 24, 2009

Iran's Only AWACS Crashes on Khomeni's Grave

Iran is suddenly without electronic eyes to watch for approaching missiles or aircraft into its air space. Call it poetic justice.

In a show of pride and supposed force, Iran was holding a special air-power demonstration the day before Ahmadinejad was leaving for New York, to give him a memorable send off. Things were fine until at the very end, their only electronic, high-tech surveillance aircraft, or AWACS, crashed with an Iranian fighter jet.

But it gets better.

Not only did this event leave Iran, who's leader has recently repeated his threat against Israel, saying its' 'end is near,' without electronic eyes with which to defend itself against attack, but the wreckage of the fallen craft landed directly on the mausoleum of Iran's original Israel-hater, the late Ayatollah Khomeini!

Yes, directly on Khomeini's grave.

Apparently Iran's president has forgotten the words of the Bible which say, "I will bless those who bless you [Israel] and curse those who curse you."

Ahmadinejad, the one who regularly curses and mocks Israel, and, thus, the God of Israel, all of a sudden sees his own protective surveillance aircraft come crashing to the ground, leaving him completely unprotected from early warning just days after he releases his latest threat against Israel. His country is suddenly left naked against a potential Israeli air attack.

Yes, that which he thought would protect him has suddenly left him extremely vulnerable (which begs the question: where was Allah?)

And the fact that it landed on Khomeini's grave can be no coincidence; Somebody is trying to send the world a message regarding how they treat God's chosen people, Israel, since they have returned to their promised land after over 1900 years, just as God had promised they would.

But don't tell Ahmadinejad, it would fizzle out his pipe-dream.

So with 'fate' opening the way for Israel's attack jets to evaporate Iran's nuclear weapon ambitions, might we see a little activity over there very soon? Methinks.

Let the world be warned: what they receive is directly related to how they treat Israel, the country and people who are defended by the God of Israel.

Hey Barack, are you listening?

Read the whole story over at the Debka File here.


Ema Nymton said...


Domestic "christian" Terrorist,

"Let the world be warned: what they receive is directly related to how they treat Israel, the country and people who are defended by the God of Israel."

So now you speak for god?

If your god is so powerful, why are you so scared?


RightHooks said...

Ema, your ignorance is staggering.

God does not need me to speak for Him; He has spoken for Himself - in the Bible. Read it and heed it. Ignore it and mock it at your own peril. Who knows, maybe the next jet will crash on your grave. Regardless, I strongly advise you to not take His Word lightly; it is your only hope.

And I'm scared? Riiiight.

Ben said...

This is a classic, congratulations on a great post, RightHooks!

Can you believe that the two I just posted had 22 readers tied on as soon as they were published at Bloggersbase?

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