Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Lauds Personal 'Character;' Really?

In his desperate plea before Congress and the nation last night Presidential usurper Barack Obama once again took a stab at conservatives, insinuating that they needed to check their personal 'character.'

Oh, really?

Coming from the party of License, the Freak Show that is the Democratic Party, that is quite an accusation.

Especially since this very Freak Show, including the Freak-in-Chief, Obama himself, routinely supports and funds the daily horrific murder of thousands of innocent and defenseless children.

Each and every day children's limbs are torn from their bodies and burning acid tears away their skin within the womb, supposedly the safest place in the universe.

But even the womb cannot escape the liberal's invasive selfishness as the murdering abortionist's Mengele-like tools probe for its precious and peaceful victim.

What kind of 'character' does that display, Mr. Obama?

And this also is the same party which promotes nation-wide, rabid homosexuality. This country is filled with this abominational perversion and it is endorsed by the Freak Show Party.

Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed in a wrathful example of how God feels about the sin of homosexuality, yet Liberal Progressives, Communists and the Democratic Party (all the same thing) press for lawful PROTECTION of this particular disgusting and unnatural perversion.

They even want to PUNISH preachers, Bible publishers and anyone else who says what the Bible says, that homosexuality is SIN, by declaring it 'hate speech.' Over my dead body.

What happened to their 'tolerance' mantra? Conservatives are supposed to be tolerant of radical, destructive ideas but freaks do not have to be tolerant of traditional ideas which have changed the world and developed America into a great society?

What kind of 'character' does that display, Mr. Obama?

And what about ACORN? What kind of character is displayed within this criminal organization in city after city? Lying, cheating, falsifying, intimidating, usurping, undermining and manipulating are just some of the daily routines widely practiced by these retards, which has been exposed time and time again.

Yet where is Obama's exhortation about 'character' to these dummies? Today the media is filled with reports and video ( of how a Baltimore ACORN office was advising an alleged pimp and his teenage prostitutes to lie to the government to be able to get federal funding for his brothel!

Can it even GET any more ridiculous?

Instead of attempting to assert that conservatives need to check their 'character,' as Obama has done to try to manipulate his socialist health care fantasy into law, perhaps the man should start with himself. Why has he lied? Why has he repeatedly told half-truths? Why has he surrendered to the world? Why has he promoted selfish power-grabbing programs and put this nation's economy at such risk? Why is he in bed with George Soros? Why does he protect terrorists and punish Americans? Why does he fund abortion? Why is he hurting the American people in so many ways?

The man demonstrated before Congress and a national audience that he is nothing but a joke. A bad joke. A very, very bad joke. And he has no business in office or in leadership. For no one but a perverted, criminal, Anti-American freak follows him.

'Character,' Mr. Obama? Really?

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