Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh, No! Obama Chairing the UN Security Council?

Just when you thought the Obama mess couldn't get any worse, there's this over at Financial Times.

For some unfathomable reason Obama is about to chair the United Nations Security Council - the first United States President to do so...

And given Obama's leftist, appeasing, disarmament attitudes and actions, we all know exactly what is in store.

Which makes this move absolutely unacceptable. This will not only create a conflict of interest with the job he currently holds, but we didn't elect him to do this.

Would somebody please show me in his job description where a President of the United States should hold a post on a multi-national bogus organization? Better yet, please show me in the US Constitution.

If you can see anything at all, you can see visions of Obama the World Leader begin to materialize before your eyes if you think about this for more than three seconds.

Of course, we always knew that once elected, he was not interested in serving the American people, but rather went on a world apology campaign seemingly to appeal to the world and be appointed to something like this UN position.

This madness fits right in with Obama's Chavez-style power grabbing.

Except this is over the top. And it will not be tolerated by the American people.

Barack Obama did not receive a single vote from a single American to hold a single United Nations post while in office at the White House.

Barack Obama continues to prove himself a traitor to this country. He needs to be impeached immediately before he jeopardizes this country any more than his blatant actions already have done!

This is insanity!

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