Thursday, September 3, 2009

Van Jones, You're a Punk, a Chump, and a Freak

What's the matter, Van Jones, were you picked on by the smart people in junior high? Did everyone else get the girl except poor Van Jones? Did you fail to fit in with the group so you started your own organization to hate the group?

From a look at your portfolio of how you wasted your years, it seems like you have made a career out of hating.

You go from one un-American, racist hate group to another. You schmooze with every Maoist, Communist, terrorist and radical freak buried under every rock and every deposit of dog feces.

You are not an American, Van Jones, you are a punk who tries to pretend he is significant, and hate is the platform upon which you stand.

But, you slimy little weasel, we see right through your desire to overthrow this country. We see you for the domestic enemy of the Constitution you are. You are an enemy of this country and of We the People. One day you will be held accountable for your racial hatred, racial-supremacist agenda, your attempts and actions to undermine and subvert this country; you will not always be at the high position which you think you are at now.

We the American people despise the hateful things that you stand for, for they are un-Godly, un-American and your radical fantasies WILL NOT STAND in this country.

You think you are so cute but you are a lost, empty, hateful little chump and you aren't fooling us for a second.

I predict that you will be GONE from that fake post you now hold very soon because the American people will DEMAND that you be sent down the road, back to the dark little Communist hole you crawled out of.

Read the truth about this chump over at WorldNet Daily here.

------------------------------------- UPDATE: --------------------------------------------

And learn how he was a rioter and a dang, thieving LOOTER during the Rodney King riots. Yes, this low-life, whining PUNK LOOTED stores during a riot.

Snivelling, selfish, hateful little piece of rat crap, he is. See that here.


Anonymous said...

your ms paint skills are marvelous.

RightHooks said...

Why, thank you, PW. No doubt it was my fabulous MS Paint prowess which single-handedly sent Van the Communist Jones down the road. Yes, I take full credit for his resignation from the fake job he briefly held at the Obama Socialist-fest, formerly called the White House. Your acute observations at my advanced ms paint skills is, well, humbling...

香魚烘蛋Tata said...