Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Million Protest Obama in D.C.; Warn of Judgment Day

The New York Times would have you believe that ten thousand protesters descended on Washington D.C. Saturday to see if Obama and Pelosi could finally hear them, but such deceptive numbers are a far cry from an accurate accounting of the mass of fed-up Americans who were present.

The picture above demonstrates the numbers more sensibly.

Among the many chants and slogans present was the wide, curt warning to all the liberals of the certainty of the coming 'Judgment Day': election day 2010.

Democrats should be shaking in their boots, but they are obviously too stupid to be able to read the pulse of the real American people - those who are not homosexuals, communists, environmental nut-cases, black liberation theology-zealots or other forms of radical liberal insanity.

No, the Democrats are more interested in power-grabbing and have very little time for the actual American people.

But oh, how that is going to change. For the million or two marching against Obama's communist destruction of this country in Washington Saturday are just a fraction of real Americans around the country who are standing in Obama's way. And whom will continue to stand up and in Obama's selfish, dictatorial way.

And on 'Judgment Day, election day 2010, the wave of voices will turn into a tsunami of votes which will begin the extinction of the Democrat, who have betrayed this country in the worst of ways by trying to overthrow her.

Consider today's marches just the beginning of the war to stop the Freaks from overthrowing this country. The real America has stood up and taken a step forward. Ask Japan how smart it was to have awakened this sleeping giant, liberal freaks.

And get used to a conservative in your face, because you idiots are fools and you will NOT get any more leash.

Here is a pretty good, objective take on the size and scope of the march.

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