Saturday, September 26, 2009

Obamination:Treachery at the U.N.; Global Malarkey

Quotes are taken from a transcript of President Obama's remarks to the General Assembly, published by the New York Times. [Emphasis added.]
Third, we must recognize that in the 21st century, there will be no peace unless we take responsibility for the preservation of our planet. And I thank the Secretary General for hosting the subject of climate change yesterday.
Those words show us what resonates in the cavity between Obama's ears. "My audience is composed of ignorant, stupid, gullible fools who will take any bait I present to them, hook, line and sinker." War is caused by narcissism: the irrational assumption that one is uniquely predestined to rule or ruin. War is caused by the lust for power. War is caused by greed; the urge to seize wealth from producers rather than become producers. War is of human origin, the evil which grows in the minds of prideful men. CO2 does not cause war, war criminals do.
The danger posed by climate change cannot be denied. Our responsibility to meet it must not be deferred. If we continue down our current course, every member of this Assembly will see irreversible changes within their borders. Our efforts to end conflicts will be eclipsed by wars over refugees and resources. Development will be devastated by drought and famine. Land that human beings have lived on for millennia will disappear. Future generations will look back and wonder why we refused to act; why we failed to pass on -- why we failed to pass on an environment that was worthy of our inheritance.
With that paragraph, Obama paints the false atmosphere of crisis whose purpose is to suspend rational thought and stifle critical debate, greasing the skids for a power grab.
And that is why the days when America dragged its feet on this issue are over. We will move forward with investments to transform our energy economy, while providing incentives to make clean energy the profitable kind of energy. We will press ahead with deep cuts in emissions to reach the goals that we set for 2020, and eventually 2050. We will continue to promote renewable energy and efficiency, and share new technologies with countries around the world. And we will seize every opportunity for progress to address this threat in a cooperative effort with the entire world.
"Investments" ? No! Unjust, usurpations designed to impose grinding poverty and concentrate power in Washington. Investment means allocating surplus funds or deferred consumption to an enterprise which will hopefully yield gain, recognizing its potential for producing a loss instead. If you mortgage your home and suffer deprivations to start a new business, that is investment. When the government doubles your energy bill artificially, that is usurpation, it is not investment.

Obama deals in fantasies, not facts. "Renewable energy" is not a realistic alternative to fossil fuels. How many tons of coal are used to produce electricity each year? How many tons of whatever biomass fantasy will be required to replace that coal? What factors of production will be needed to produce, process, transport and utilize it? Is it possible to produce enough 'alternative' fuels? What are the opportunity costs involved?

How many million gallons of petroleum distillates are used to move people and goods on our highways each year? How much vegetable oil will be needed to replace them? Where will you grow the corn and soy beans? What will be needed to harvest and process them, transport & distribute the finished product? Where will you get the hydrogen for your fantasy fuel cells? Where will you get the electricity to break up water to obtain the hydrogen? Those details have not been worked out, and will not be. The sales pitch is full of horse feathers and snake oil.

Efficiency, another buzz word. Lets reduce the abstraction slightly. The President wants you to replace your existing appliances with new, more efficient appliances which will supposedly use less power. Have you examined the price tags of the super efficient appliances? Can you afford to buy them? Can you make the payments on your existing equipment, scrap it and make the payments on more expensive replacements? Will the anticipated reduction in consumption make the payments? If you use less electricity, you will wind up paying more for each KWH because the utilities have fixed costs to recoup plus the new carbon tax. Your chances of remaining above water are slim indeed in the real world. These are matters requiring cold, iterative calculation, not unreasoning emotion and urgency.

"Share new technologies" translates to subsidize Africa & Asia with tax dollars from your pocket. "Cooperative effort" translates to more tax dollars from your pocket.
And those wealthy nations that did so much damage to the environment in the 20th century must accept our obligation to lead. But responsibility does not end there. While we must acknowledge the need for differentiated responses, any effort to curb carbon emissions must include the fast-growing carbon emitters who can do more to reduce their air pollution without inhibiting growth. And any effort that fails to help the poorest nations both adapt to the problems that climate change have already wrought and help them travel a path of clean development simply will not work.
You see, its the white man's burden. You will be poorer, colder in winter, hotter in summer, in the dark at night, and hobbled & impeded on the way to work. Your standard of living is about to decline substantially.
It's hard to change something as fundamental as how we use energy. I know that. It's even harder to do so in the midst of a global recession. Certainly, it will be tempting to sit back and wait for others to move first. But we cannot make this journey unless we all move forward together. As we head into Copenhagen, let us resolve to focus on what each of us can do for the sake of our common future.
Translation: you are the golden goose, prepare to be sacrificed.

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