Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Obama's Verbal Shell Game

During World War I, artillery came into its own. The Americans and Brits hammered our common enemy with high-explosive shells.

During World War II, we hammered our enemies with artillery shells and dropped bombs from the sky.

Later, the B-52 was launched and it rained thousands of tons of deadly munitions on the North Korean enemy and also on the North Vietnamese.

President George W. Bush fought our enemies with smart bombs, intelligence and UAV's.

But former Senator Barack Obama, the pretender who now occupies the Oval Office and is the acting Commander-in-Chief, has decided to fight our enemies using a different kind of shell than the ones that contain munitions. The shell he is using is the shell that hides the ball in the popular parlor trick. Only his shell game is with words. And the words are not pointed at our enemy, but rather are pointed at us.

Mr. Obama has declared that the term, "War on Terror," will no longer be used by his administration or military spokespersons. Instead, he insists that this term be replaced with the term, "Overseas contingency operation."

Also, the word "terror" itself will not be used, but will be replaced by "man made disaster."

Furthermore, he will not be using the words "terrorist" or "enemy combatant."

So with one sentence, one declaration, one sweep of his slithering tongue, Mr. Obama has ended the War on Terror. And to think it took Eisenhower and MacArthur four years to win their war.

Of course the only difference between real warriors' victories and Obama's is that with the real warriors, the enemy is vanquished. Obama's courses of action, on the other hand, leave the enemy strengthened, emboldened and better obscured from our view.

In fact, it is not the enemy whom Obama has encountered with his shells, but it is the American people who are the intended recipients of his offensive. His shell game seeks to curb the behavior of Americans so as to not appear as offensive to the world and our enemy.

Which begs the question, exactly who is Mr. Obama serving, anyway, the American people or others?

If Eisenhower, MacArthur and Patton were testosterone, Obama is estrogen. I'll bet that there is not a single one of our enemies, who have sworn hatred and war upon us, who is not encouraged by Obama's signals of submission, surrender and subservience, instead of American stature and strength. He is mambie-pambie incarnate and everybody on the planet who is not a stupid Democratic idiot knows it. Everybody.

But the Democrats and the liberal news media are all standing in line admiring the Emperor's new clothes, each waiting their turn to stroke Obama themselves. They are oblivious to the fact that Obama's ineptness, his pathetic little shell game, strengthens the hands of our enemies and blinds themselves from seeing it.

Sorry, Mr. Obama, the War on Terror still exists. Terrorists still need to be killed. Terrorism still needs to be stopped. As for enemy combatants, well since you are offended by the term, perhaps it is best to just not bring any of them back from now on. From now on we'll just call them corpses.

For us or against us, right?

And, by the way, since your shell game, the re-naming of things according to their offensiveness-factor and perceived practical reality, seems to be the right thing to do, we're going to rename you and your role as well.

We will no longer be calling you Commander-in-Chief; your new name is "Surrender-in-Chief."

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