Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama's Voracious Naked Power-Grab

Former Senator Barack Obama, current unqualified usurper and assumer of the Presidential office, and friends of terrorists everywhere, apparently has no limits to his ambitions. In two short months in office his attempts to seize governmental power and control over the lives of Americans is unprecedented. Never before has a president sought to gobble up more control over the private sector of American's lives.

His first actions, of course, which were to stop the prosecution of terrorists, close Guantanamo Bay, and grant US citizenship rights to terrorists, was not to benefit the American people, but was an attempt to advance his own personal status in the eyes of people around the world, many of whom have declared eternal hatred and perpetual war on us. So perhaps he has his eye on his next goal: ruler of the new world order (which would add to his long list of qualifications for the Anti-Christ or False Prophet.) Who knows; but it definitely was not in the interest of the American people, so one must wonder who these actions benefit besides himself and our enemy and why, therefore, they were perpetuated. A blatant power grab.

Next, he sought to create his power-grabbing machine by surrounding himself with corrupt cronies. Qualifications for role of crony included being a tax-evader, being on the take, a manipulator, cheat, scum ball, low-life or just an advanced moral deviate. In the Democratic party these qualities are rampant so one had to be advanced in three or more of these areas. Fortunately for Obama, plenty were qualified so though some got caught and exorcised, others have made it through and his machine is functional (well dys-functional, which means, in liberal minds, functional.)

With these cronies, he then sought to seize control over banking and private corporations by selling them on accepting your grandchildren's money. Meanwhile, once the money is accepted, government now has control over who can be paid, how much, and on what terms. He has nationalized much of the financial realm of American life. This is called socialism. It has never worked in any country ever, yet liberals, drunk on Obama's voodoo and kool-aid, have no sense whatsoever that his actions will paralyze the country in short order.

But Obama was not satisfied with seizing control over the financial market, he also attempted to build a future solid political base for his future and the future of the Demoktatic Party in several voracious, naked ways.

First of all, in his 'Stimulus Package,' which NO conservative was allowed to be involved in, and which no conservative was even allowed to read before it was rammed down the throats of the American people in the most nefarious act Congress ever gagged the taxpayers with, he made sure that all of his special interests and his contributors were compensated. ACORN received tons of money (remember, those were the people who registered dead people, cartoon characters and fictitious people to vote for Obama...) Unions. Green groups. Etc., etc. He lied when he said that there were no ear-marks; some have counted over 8,000 ear-marks! He lied when he said people would have time to read the bill. NOBODY got time. NOBODY read the bill.

Then, later on, he feigns surprise when AIG leaders will get bonus money from the stimulus package. Yet in his campaign, he stated that he would go through bills line by line - so he either lied when he said he did not know it was in the bill or when he said that he was going to go every bill line by line...which is it?

He then starts babbling about amnesty for illegal aliens in this country.

Then, to seize control over gun owners, he sent a directive to limit the amount of ammunition available to American citizens. Fortunately, and in a rare moment, he was turned back on this one by conservative Senators.

Later, he tries getting a thief to be the Czar over corporate America so that his man can control the money.

These are just a few of MANY examples of Obama's blatant, unrestrained grab for current and future power in this country and who knows where else.

If you can not see the long-term scope of implications in such things as rewarding ACORN and others with stimulus money, etc. then it is likely that you already voted for Obama and, hence, already have no clue and never will. Therefore, please remove yourself from the gene pool so that the rest of us can stop this power-grabbing madness.


Anonymous said...

Closing Gitmo was a power grab? Most legal scholars, conservatives included, would agree that asserting the power to detain "enemy combatants," a group of people that could be defined by the President and could include Americans (according to a Bush administration memo) is actually an expansion of executive power. So closing it would be a retraction of executive power. Obama hasn't granted terrorist citizenship rights, as the writ of habeas corpus is not reserved specifically for U.S. citizens in the Constitution, just as the right of free speech does not apply only to U.S. citizens. So no, not a power grab.

You then say that he created a "power-grabbing machine" by "surrounding himself with corrupt cronies." Cronyism is defined as "favoritism shown to old friends without regard for their qualifications." Appointing a HHS secretary with tax problems is NOT an example of cronyism. Bad judgment? Yes. Cronyism? No. An example of cronyism would be if, let's say, I were to be elected President and were to do something completely fucking stupid like appoint a friend and former horse judge to be director of FEMA. Even if Obama made some bad choices in his Cabinet (I don't think Geithner and Sebelius were the best choices for their respective positions), it's not automatically cronyism and it's certainly not an expansion of Presidential power.

I love how you say that Obama had to "sell" corporations on accepting bailout money, as if they had to be persuaded. The banks ASKED for the money. And actually, Obama has gone to great lengths to AVOID nationalizing the banks. Liberal economist Paul Krugman actually criticized Obama for NOT trying to temporarily nationalize the banks. Since he hasn't nationalized the banking system, that doesn't count as a power grab either. Besides, Bush had already begun the trend of bailing out the banks, so if the bailout alone was a power grab, then Bush was the first to grab it.

For someone who has stated "Don't tread on my Constitution," you don't seem to have a very basic grasp of the legislative process. The LEGISLATIVE branch wrote and passed the bill. Obama simply signed it into law.

The stimulus bill didn't give money to AIG. That was TARP. And TARP, which was written and passed by Congress, not the President, only gave money to banks, it didn't specifically allocate it for them. So the bonuses weren't part of the bailout. The bailout simply gave firms money to spend how they saw fit, and for whatever reason they decided to use a part of it for ill-advised bonuses. Interestingly enough, the division of AIG that received the bonuses, AIG Financial Products, bears huge responsibility for the mess we're in. But that's a different story.

Anyway, when you that Obama "said he did not know it was in the bill," I don't know what you're talking about. There was no bonus money allocated in any bill for Obama to know anything about.

Obama doesn't want to ban guns or all your ammo. If you're talking about the scrapping of used ammo, that appears to have been an unsubstantiated internet rumor. The NRA hasn't even complained about it.

"Later, he tries getting a thief to be the Czar over corporate America so that his man can control the money."

Explain that sentence to me.

And finally, your ever so eloquent conclusion.

"...please remove yourself from the gene pool..."

How original...the most commonly used internet insult.

Ema Nymton said...



Thank you.

Ema Nymton

PackSmack said...

PW, See it how you want.

But you are naieve to think that Pelosi wrote that bill without lying in bed with Obama (an act which ought to earn him the medal of honor, but is revolting even to think about...I mean, can you IMAGINE?? The horror...the horror...)

Explanation of mystery sentence: Geithner. Tax cheat.

So my 'gene pool' line was too common of a line for you? Well I guess I won't quit my day job and pursue that career in comedy after all. Thanks for the career directive.

Anonymous said...

"Later, he tries getting a thief to be the Czar over corporate America so that his man can control the money."

Geithner's role is no different than any other Treasury secretary's role. How is that an expansion of power?

Anonymous said...

you apparently don't understand what an expansion of powers is...