Monday, March 30, 2009

All Your CEOs Are Belong to Us

In a move right out of 1955 Moscow, or 1965 Cuba, the socialist who holds the office of President of the United States, Barack Obama, reached into his bag of hooks today and presumptuously fired the CEO of General Motors.

Though not a share holder, board member, staff or employee of the company, the impostor who sits in the Oval Office took it upon himself to execute judgment on what he deemed to be a failure on the part of GM's leader.

By doing so, B. Hussein Obama, who is also interviewing Muslims for White House positions, has essentially made himself the default corporate director of all corporations who received money from the recent Bailout.

And you thought you were just voting for him to be President.

No, you were voting for him to have absolute power. And he absolutely is reaching for every ounce possible. And you are letting him.

So today marks just another step into oblivion where Obama is leading this country. If you didn't see that electing a radical was a slippery slope, or that bailout money was a slippery slope, or that caving in to Muslims and Iran's leader was a slippery slope, or that every other of Obama and Co.'s ideas are a slippery slope, can you see it now?

For today Obama is your Daddy in a whole new way. He owns your boss, he owns your military, he owns your language, he owns your money, he owns your company and now he owns your job. You wanted him to be your daddy, so now he is.

Soon he will own your health care and then your kids.

All because you were stupid enough to vote this charlatan-of-charlatans into the White House and give him the title to the country.

What did you THINK would happen?

Thanks for that, moron.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what the hell you don't understand about this. These companies agreed to allow some government control over them in exchange for financial help.

It's not like Obama can just decide one day that he wants the CEO of any corporation gone. But if a company voluntarily places its survival in the hands of the government, then it shouldn't come as a surprise when the government exercises the power given to it by these companies.

Anonymous said...

anyone here?