Saturday, March 7, 2009

Change That is Overthrowing America

In the process of attempting to destroy the United States of America as it has been for 200 years, or Obama's Change We Can Count On, the radical liberal elite oligarchy has become the Change That is Overthrowing America.

Evidence of this can be seen in how commonly-understood English terms have been overthown and over-turned by them them as well.

Whether from the lips of former Senator, and present hack, Barack Obama, plastic-surgery queen-witch, Nancy Pelosi, or any other of the emperor's lemmings, right has become wrong, white has become black, and evil has become good in their hijacking of American words, norms and values.

They have stolen words and terms and have changed their meanings in an attempt to redefine them to suit their aggressive socialistic political goals. Toward that end, their new meanings have become polar opposites of the actual meanings. Here are some examples:

- Slavery has now come to mean: Freedom
- Success has now come to mean: Slavery
- Irresponsibility has now come to mean: Right
- Liberty has now come to mean: License
- Economic Stimulation has now come to mean: Economic Suicide
- Free Speech has now come to mean: No Dissenting Speech
- Diversity has now come to mean: Conformity to Liberal Ideas

Meanwhle, some terms have been rendered completely irrelevant. Ideas such as ethics, integrity, truthfulness and honesty have been eliminated from having any bearing in the political arena. Instead, hypocrisy is overlooked, lying is allowed, cheating is acceptable, partisanship is said to be bi-partison, and We the People has been replaced with We the Powerful.

This country will not survive the seditious and intentional re-engineering of its economic framework by those with alien agendas, and in some cases, agents with alien birth certificates. Never before in the history of this country have so many un- and anti-American traitors held so much political power. This country is now on the brink, with its very survival in the balance.

Either Mr. Obama and his radical usurpers are stripped of their power, overturned in their ambitions, or blocked in their agenda or the people of the United States will have been overthrown, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be obsolete. For the ones sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States are now its greatest enemies.

It is a matter of survival now. Mr. Obama and his overthrowers have made it clear that their interests are not the interests of We the People. They must be stopped now. Call your Senators and your Representatives. Organize protests, demonstrations and peaceful assemblies to let these clowns and their intoxicated sheep that you will not stand by quietly as the Powerful Elite continue to attempt to destroy the United States of America.

They can Keep Their Change, for it is killing this country.

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