Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama is Killing America to Build Nanny-State

It is becoming ever more clear that former Senator Barack Obama has an agenda to overthrow the United States of America, as it has been for 200 years, and to replace it with a nationalist/socialist nanny-state.

The spending in his first month in office alone is enough to wake up even the most incompetent Democrat, if a liberal could indeed be awakened. A billion here, a trillion there, another thirty-billion over here again - Obama is burning our ability to create capital, and stealing our finances, our children's finances, and the finances for all generations of Americans forever,

Think I'm exagerrating? Let's do some math:

Let's say that you get to spend one million dollars per day on whatever you want. How long do you think it would take you to spend a trillion dollars, which was basically the amount of Obama's recent 'Stimulus' [read: eternal bankruptcy] package?

Do you think that you would spend a trillion dollars in a week? A month? Perhaps a year?

Well, the answer is that by spending a million dallars a day, it would take you more than a decade to spend a trillion dollars. Yet Obama and all the blind brown-nosers in league with him [read: Democrats] bound you and your offspring to nearly incalculable debt in a heartbeat WITHOUT ONE OF THEM EVEN HAVING READ THE DOCUMENT WHICH BINDS YOU TO THIS INSANITY.

And the truth is if you spent a million dollars a day it would take you longer than a decade to spend a trillion, it would take at least a century. Wayy more than a century, actually. It would take you more than a thousand years to spend a trillion dollars.


And Obama is signing off on these types of things every single week. And Democrats are handing him the pen!


He is taking away your rights and the sovereignty of the people of the United States and handing it to an oligarchical elite who now own you, your children and your children's children for millenia to come.

You are no longer free because you were no longer brave.

You did not scrutinize this fool of fools, Barack Obama, and you allowed him to beguile his way into a critical position with his treasounous ideology and agenda. And you LET him.

You gave up everything that every soldier in the last 200 years fought (or died) to protect and preserve.

And he is now shutting the doors on the greatness of this country, exposing us to our enemies, attempting to disarm us, enslave us and tell us what to do, how to think, and regulate what you can say and to whom and where, just like a good nanny would do.

You have let this thief in the door and handed him the keys to the kingdom, you Democratic fools! He has since proceeded to squat down, take a bowel movement on the heads of the American people (while you held him up) then he used you as toilet paper, and he is reaching over to flush us all in a very short time.

Good-bye America. We hardly knew thee; before the liberals gave you away to un-American masters. Anathema!


Anonymous said...

The idea of a Republican who supported George W. Bush, and presumably Bush Sr. and Reagan, criticizing deficit spending is absolutely laughable.

PackSmack said...

Were Bush, Bus, Sr. and Reagan SOCIALISTS??? Not. Huge difference.

Ema Nymton said...


"Were Bush, Bus, Sr. and Reagan SOCIALISTS???" YES!!!

Yes. Their whole government shtick was corporate welfare. They socialized the risks and privatized the profit.


Ben said...

Reagan was the only good one of the lot, and I wanted him impeached. I voted for Jesus Christ when Old Man Bush got his second term.
I voted for Keyes in the '00 primary and Jesus Christ in '04.

As bad as Shrub was, Obama is several orders of magnitude worse. He is well on track to make Carter look like a heroic success.

Kyrie Eleison said...

excellent article today right hooks! really enjoyed and agree whole heartedly with everything said. matter of fact i am going to start following your blog. thanks for you intelligent insight. as for idiot liberals like packerwatch who have no idea what is really going on behind the scenes because they watch too much cnn (commie news network) obviously-obama is just a frontman goon for george soros (a money laundering communist) and is doing everything his master pupeteer is telling him to do. soros is bankrupting this country just like he did the other two country's he left behind & bankrupted; I say we take the money he stole from us and bankrupted us with-and pay off our entire national debt (pre Obama admin anyway) That is oncd we indict and prosecute that bastard and shake him for all he's worth. then we can start over and go back to minding our own capitalist pig business(es). you socialists are laughable! g.w. was one of the most socialist presidents there is-you should in fact LOVE the man. but you just can't stop your hatin selves, can you??? may God rest your twisted liberals souls . . .

Kyrie Eleison said...

and for the record-i am an ARCH conservative who supported g.w. and i loathe liberals. (can you tell??? :0)

PackSmack said...


Thanks for your input.

You might also like this article on the topic you just mentioned:

Soros' puppet, indeed!

Ema Nymton said...


Kyrie Eleison,

"as for idiot liberals like packerwatch who have no idea what is really going on behind the scenes"

You cut me to the quick. Don't I qualify for your adolescent name calling?

"i loathe liberals." I just love it when you talk this way.

Ema Nymton

PackSmack said...

Missed out on the insult, did ya, Emma? LOL

Ema Nymton said...



It will be interesting to see what blinding flashes of insight Kyrie Eleison will bring. With her eloquent introduction, one wonders how long before Kyrie Eleison shows her real ability to articulate her positions on war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and race hatred?

"i am an ARCH conservative" Does this mean you like to build conservatories?


PackSmack said...

Kyrie will likely not be as successful at articulating her "positions on war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and race hatred" as Mohammed was and what Muslim, therefore, believe...

Ema Nymton said...



And you would know what Muslim believe how?

Do you even know any Muslims? Or have you forced them all to convert?


PackSmack said...


Did you sleep through the part when I told you about my experiences in a mosque, like you slept through class the day they taught the Constitution? I told you a year or so ago some general details about my Islamic friends from Saudi, Yemen, UAE, Iraq, Ethiopia, and a bunch of other generally Sunni areas whom I met in a mosque when I spent many months there...(leader's name was Said, though I am not sure of the spelling. He was from Saudi.)

No they didn't 'convert' and I couldn't 'force' them, so I beheaded them. Oh, wait, no, that's Muslims who behead Christians, not the other way around. I guess I didn't behead them because I was not following the teachings of Mohammed, like they were/are.

They were nice guys. Humble. Yes, I understood what they believe.

I also currently have a handful of Muslim friends from Pakistan, Yemen and Turkey.

What about you? Do you even know any Muslims (self excluded?

Ben said...

I wanted to look up an arcane term to use in my response, one I have not memorized. When I hit the Enter key after typing in my search, I immediately landed here: Islam Simplified: A Pile of Stinking Garbage

Here is the word I was seeking, with a link to Wikipedia. Aqidah
That article contains links to books in case you wish to delve deeper into the garbage.

The tenets of Islam are clear on the face of the Qur'an, and confirmed by the hadith.

Allah's demonic imperatives are also reflected in Shari'ah & Fiqh. I frequently quote and link to Umdat as-Salik. I also quoted from Fiqh found in the old FOMI Offensive Jihad thread, which has been preserved in FOMIJihad.chm which you can download and read for yourself.

There is also the little matter of Ibn Kathir's Tafsir, which explains the Qur'an, as if clear commands require any explanation. The most important tafsir, which demonstrate supremacism, triumphalism & aggression are linked in my blog post: ROPMA
Anyone can click those links and read the tafsir. Their titles alone will give any sentient person pause for reflection. Terms such as "the order to fight" and "good news that Islam will dominate" stick out like a sore toe.