Friday, August 20, 2010

Salt in the Wound!

I just found this video posted on Facebook. I need to share it with you.  It does not go into deep detail, but it goes into deep emotions, and and it exposes some of the top level details of rational objection to the propagation of Islam and their victory Mosque at Ground Zero.

    The  video montage is very well selected and the lyrics are extremely clear and expressive.  Lets make this one go viral as  rapidly as possible.

I just learned that YouTube pulled the video from the original link I published.   If the embed fails, use the link below to view the video. Please share it; make it go viral. Thank you!!! 08/27/10

Salt in the Wound by Rita W. Jones.


RightHooks said...


Great post, Ben!

Well said was the verse, "Everything we need to know about Islam happened on 911"

Ema Nymton said...

Ali Ben Ali Mohammad Abdul Scumbag,
"SandMaggots are Muslims"

“Mosque at Ground Zero.”

Keep weeping over something that is not there. You never seem to let a ‘fact’ get in the way of a ‘fict’ from Fox.

Does it bother you that _NO ONE_ is building much of any thing at Ground Zero? No. Does not matter; hate the (jew - oops), muslim. Hate, hate, hate.

Ema Nymton
Remember the "Burn The Confederate Flag Day" 12 Sep 10.

Ramlah said...


Everything they need to about islam, they learned on 9/11!!!


Great laugh, really thank you folks!

RightHooks said...


All your dead Al-Qeada buddies don't think it's so funny now...since they are all burning in hell and all... which is the only fate of all Muslims, who continue to reject the God of Israel, and in fact, HATE Him and His people.

My own cousin had the honor of mowing down about a dozen of them all by himself with a .50 caliber, and sending all of them directly to hell. He said the heads of your fellow soldiers of Satan just turned into a pink mist when that .50 shell splattered them all over the battle field.

And a good friend of mine lost count on how many he got to waste in Fallujah. Those Muslim corpses are not laughing either.

So go ahead and mock 911, join your terrorist cell buddies in rejoicing about Islam's wicked plan of killing unarmed, innocent, defenseless American civilians.

Because though you have no concept of the will of the American people when they are attacked, be it by a country, [Japan, 1941] or by duped adherents to a fascist war-cult that calls itself a 'religion', all your burned and annihilated dead Muslim brothers burning in hell are very well aware of our resolve.

So I'm glad that you find the murder of innocents a funny matter...but watch out, you just might 'disappear' one day and wake up alive in Gitmo or dead in the burning flames of hell.

And just to save the CIA some time, I will just offer them here and now details to your location: You are in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Your IP address is, you use Firefox on Windows XP.

Did you know that Muslims 'disappear' all the time in foreign lands? They just don't show up and none of their friends knows what has happened to them. Do they end up in Gitmo? Not all of them. Some are interrogated by citizens of another country, not Americans...and how would YOU like to be 'interrogated' by, say, an Israeli??? Would you be laughing then? My money says NOT!

You better start looking over your shoulder, chump, because you just never know which Muslim extremist will be the next to disappear.

And you never know when those bombs you are wiring in your terrorist cell house might just 'accidently' go off! Boom. You are vaporized.

Who will be laughing then, you pencil-neck homo.