Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Inquiry Shows: Climate Change Is a Lie

Get your spit-cups, bibs, napkins and mops ready, Kool-Aid Drinkers, because your Green fantasy has just, um, melted.

Yes, the InterAcademy Council's (IAC) deep inquiry into the lies of those involved in the 'Climate Change Conspiracy,' including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), have proven that the 'science' behind the conspiracy was nothing but hot air.

The IAC has torn holes in every aspect of the IPCC's former 'findings' which once and for all puts to rest the myth of Climate Change, which was sincerely believed and deeply embraced by Liberal Idiots (Libiots), or Kook-Aid Drinkers, who believed every word [lie] out of Al Gore's mouth.

Gore, of course, stood to make billions off the Global Warming myth when the Libidiots would pass it into law, (called Cap & Trade) through involvement in the marketing of 'carbon credits', which would have been regulated... and Gore, Hillary Clinton, and Obama, of course, already positioned right there at the top (Google: 'ShoreBank, Chicago, Obama, Gore, Climate Change'!!!!) This effort has been shot down by the voice of WTP...We the People. So it will not be law, Gore the Ultimate hypocrite, will not make further fortunes (until his next scam) and all the Green People, Global Warmers, Climate Changers, and other forms of Libiots, are left with, well, kool-aid on their faces.

Of course un-duped conservatives never bought in to the Climate Change Lie. But the relativist liberal, who, because of his relativist thinking does not recognize evil or truth, and will fall for anything, gobbled the Green Myth up just like they gobbled up Obama's 'Hope & Change,' which has shown to be just as much substance-less hot air as the Global Warming conspiracy.

So though it remains burdensome to have to share American borders with these people (and 20 million of their illegal, southern friends), kind of like having to continue to change the diapers on your offspring until they are into their sixties...no, exactly like that, it is always welcoming when the truth finally shatters another chapter of the the Libiots' Fairy-Tale Book of Utopian Fantasies.

See the entire article here.

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mira@israel said...

i can belive that climate change has nothing to do with co2 or methan or human beings. but i cant belive that 70 million tons of co2 that we produce every 24 hours are totally not hurmful for our health.