Friday, August 27, 2010

Expect White House to Get Deeply Probed if GOP Wins

Now here's a turnabout...instead of the Obama administration giving the continual white, rubber, medical glove treatment to Americans, it will soon be Obama's turn to, um, bend over...

A few days ago, RightHooks predicted ominous Conservative backlash to the incompetent, irresponsible, seditious , subversive and treasonous actions of Obama and the Liberal/Progressive/Radical/Socialist/Communist Agenda. You can see that post, 'Note to Liberals: Your Days Are NUMBERED" here.

And right on cue, Congressional conservatives immediately release an announcement declaring the MULTIPLE investigations into suspicious White House activity should conservatives win majority in the November elections.

Sources inside the Republican party have mentioned that there will be more supboenas bombarding the White House than when Bill Clinton was chasing Ms. Lewinski around his desk in the Oval Office. Yes, prepare for a flood of subpoenas, indictments, investigations and basic long-overdue ACCOUNTABILITY for the treasonous behavior that has been allowed to go on since the Thug-in-Chief usurped his way into the White House.

And if the result of Clinton's investigation was impeachment, and there is a far, far greater dissatisfaction with the Kenyan than with Clinton, well, just imagine how the heads will roll.

And perhaps Obama will be ousted before the 2012 Presidential elections.

Now we here at RightHooks are not insinuating that we can predict the future because just a few days ago we prognosticated that such events would soon unfold; and we do not pretend to be prophets because everything co-author Ben has been saying about Islam has proven to be true.

No, we will not assume such lofty status. The better explanation is probably just that either the policy holders read RightHooks (and we know some do), or we just might know what we are talking about.

Read about all the upcoming White House investigations and subpoenas here.

(p.s. WE TOLD YOU SO!)

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