Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Iowa Blacks Assaults Whites in 'Beat Whitey Day'

Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Louis Farakkan? Where is the 'Rev.' Jeremiah Wright? Where is the outrage against blatant racism??

At the Iowa State fair over the weekend, a mob of blacks went out on what they called, 'Beat Whitey Night,' assaulting a large number of innocent white people, putting several in the hospital and also assaulting police officers 'because they were white.'

Where is the outrage on NBC? CBS? ABC? CNN? Oh, they are strangely SILENT on the matter.

Mr. Obama, where is your 'silly' insight and comments?

Where is the outcry against PURE and UNDENIABLE racism???

I know, when Iowa's big 'ol, baseball-bat-wielding farm boys start getting a little revenge, THEN you will hear the likes of cowards like Jesse Jackson, Mr, Sharpton and Mr. Wright start whining about 'racism.'

Sorry, you hypocritical racists, this street does not only go one way - you know, where blacks such as Michelle Obama can slander countless white people as 'racists' because they did not vote for her Kenyan husband for President - you cannot make up instances of presumed racism when it suits your agenda and then IGNORE REAL, BLATANT RACISM when blacks are beating people BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE.

Those racist fools who went out to beat up white people on 'Beat Whitey
Night' had better hope that Iowa's white people do not organize and return
the favor.

But who could blame them?

Certainly not Jackson, Sharpton and their ilk, for if they REALLY opposed

Sorry hypocrites, it's too late.

And I think Bubba and his friends are starting to open up a huge can...

Read the article here.


Anonymous said...

I like ur coward reference when ur the one hiding behind a keyboard..why not get out there & get on the front line?

THATS RIGHT!...ur not THAT brave...

I mean, it just seems to me they may be returning the favor of 400 YEARS of things faaaaar worse than a few scrapes & bruises...NOT SAYING ITS RIGHT..but hey...

Lets see what happens

RightHooks said...


Do you not see the sarcasm and hypocrisy in condemning me as a coward 'hiding behind a keyboard', while you post as 'Anonymous'?? Isn't that like the kettle calling the pot black? So I guess you are a coward and not that brave, huh?...

As for your ' it just seems to me they may be returning the favor of 400 YEARS of things faaaaar worse than a few scrapes & bruises'... JUST HOW IGNORANT IS THIS? You get the prize for being Ignoramus of the Day with that thinking, for it REAKS of ASSUMPTION, BIAS, STEREOTYPING AND PURE RACISM!!!!

Or doesn't your map show that Iowa was in the NORTH, and that it was the NORTH who fought and shed blood to FREE the slaves...including members of my own family who fought and lost blood for the North TO FREE THE SLAVES.

So DON'T USE THIS WEAK, HYPOCRITICAL EXCUSE to JUSTIFY THE RACIST ACTIONS OF BLACKS in Iowa. Don't do it. It proves exactly who the racist in this conversation really is....