Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sam Farr 's Got Your Back; With a Bloody Knife

(From: Sam Farr Left)

Did you wake up this morning with a pain in your back? Well it is because you were stabbed in the back by your representative Sam Farr Left last night as he voted IN FAVOR of the socialist health care bill, HR3962.

Yes, despite the insanity of a universal health care proposal that SlapPelosi says will force you to buy a $15,000 policy or face five years in prison, the absolute unconstitutionality of the bill, and the outspoken objections of the very people Sam Farr Left is supposedly representing, Sam Farr Left instead chose to side with the other anti-American, radical leftist freaks in Congress.

So now that he has inserted the knife of betrayal firmly and deliberately into your back, the blood is now on his hands, as is the responsibility of his un-American actions.

These are unacceptable actions and will not be tolerated by voters in the 17th District of California.

Sam Farr Left has to go. He has despised his constituents in favor of a Utopian fantasy which defies any common sense and right-headed thinking.

Sam Farr has just crossed the Rubicon. His political career just started it's demise. Now that he is exposed to be the fraud that he is, it is time to make every effort to root his brown nose out of mis-representing the people of the 17th District.

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