Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sam Farr is a Socialist

(From: Sam Farr Left)

California's 17th District Congressman Sam Farr has just formally added his name to the socialist enemies of the United States Constitution with his YES, or in favor, vote to pass HR 3962, the socialist health care bill.

Thus, he has demonstrated not only his incompetence to represent California's 17th District in Washington, but he has also demonstrated that he does not care at all what YOU, his BOSS, actually thinks about America and this critical issue.

Yes, he has bought into Obama's hypnotic mind-control and is effectively inept for service as a representative for the 17th District. This man has not listened to the concerns of his own constituency and has betrayed those who voted him into office. He has despised the people he supposedly represents and now it is time to return him the favor.

Sam Farr Left, your political days are numbered. You are not omnipotent. You are not untouchable. Be prepared to stand in the unemployment line one day after your next election.

You are a disgrace to your district, the people you represent and to the United States of America.

You have now proven that you are nothing but a left-wing, radical socialist.

And the voters from your district will NOT STAND for this treason.

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