Monday, November 9, 2009

DHS and Friends: Blog Views

One computer in the DHS office at Laredo, #153, performed 54 page loads from 6th November 2009 13:05:01 to 9th November 2009 18:48:00.
besides visiting the article about al-Nafisi, they visited, gaining direct access to the following posts:
They also viewed:
A second computer in the same office, #152, performed 51 page loads from 6th November 2009 12:48:05 to 9th November 2009 15:55:01. They also viewed

One computer in the DHS office at La Pryor, # 151, performed 72 page loads from 6th November 2009 12:37:48 to 9th November 2009 18:36:36.
They also viewed:
One computer in a DHS office in Washington D.C., #160, logged on at 9th November 2009 09:32:49 and remained connected for 8 hours, 39 minutes. They confined their viewing to

Another computer in that office, #161, performed one pageload 6th November 2009 14:05:10.

One computer in another DHS office in Washington D.C., #155, performed 34 page loads from 6th November 2009 13:08:53 to 9th November 2009 17:47:12.
They also viewed

A second computer in that office, #152, performed 42 page loads from 6th November 2009 12:54:54 to 9th November 2009 20:29:58. There is no indication that their interest extended beyond the post about al-Nafisi.

One computer in the Springfield office of DHS, # 81, performed 1 page load 6th November 2009 18:21:15.

It appears that the DHS shared their curiosity with a few friends. Someone at the office of the City Of Harlingen viewed, joined by someone at the Texas Department Of Information Resources.

The FBI office in Mcallen read, logging in 9th November 200914:46:02.

There may be a connection, however tenuous, most likely coincident nomenclature. I found this near the top of a results page for a compound search.


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Dr. Abdelrazak Al-Nafisi. Permanent Delegate, Ambassador .... Dr. Abdul Azeez Al Babtain (Saudi Arabia). Dr. Nidal Hassan (Syrian Arab Republic) ...
But that was a meeting of UNESCO national councils, the Dr. Hasan was a Syrian bureaucrat and the al-Nafisi from Kuwait had a different first name. In any case, the article they've been viewing is relatively short, requiring much less than eight hours to read.


RightHooks said...

Atta boy, Ben!!! When they all finally wake up, you've already got their reference library online!

Yee Ha!

Good work, my friend.

Ben said...

As of Tuesday, they have not shown up here, but I did not check today. They have calmed down a little at Freedom Ain't Free.

It appears that readers of these posts have been visiting the post to see what is going on.

Ben said...

I do not want to publish details, but another visit Monday, from a place geographically removed from the previous visitors, greatly reinforces my speculation that there is genuine concern about a possible pending biological attack.

RightHooks said...

Let's hope, Ben, that something you have provided can help to thwart said attack.

If the Ft. Hood attack is not further evidence that Muslims do not belong in the military, nothing will.

As I have said repeatedly, Islam should be outlawed immediately because it is unwilling to submit to the United States Constitution, and is therefore an enemy of the Obama himself, and Pelosi and Reid and the rest of the liberal dupes who want to protect the enemy and punish the CIA. What a bunch of traitors.

I don't know if or when it will turn to fighting Muslims in our streets, but an unleashed biological weapon certainly will move things that direction...after all, since Obama has no interest in protecting Americans, Americans might be left to have to protect themselves.

It could get very ugly.

Let's hope they find and stop that biological weapon DESPITE how Obama is trying to tie the hands of those who protect us.

Sorry I haven't written much, have been EXTREMELY busy at my work...doing the job of five people since 'restructuring' and literally am constantly on the go. But stories are in my head, I just don;t have the time to put them onto the blog.

I want to compare Obama's agenda as it compares to the stated socialist goals from this site: because it is identical. Just have not had the time.

Keep up the good work.