Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sam Farr Left Spits on Veteran's Graves

(Taken from: Sam Farr Left)

Congressman Sam Farr Left sent out a communication to voters in his 17th California District today to tell them what honorable measures he is taking to honor our military veterans.

Since there is a strong military presence in the district, including the former Fort Ord, the Defense Language Institute and the Naval Post-Graduate school, Farr Left has acted appropriately by working to honor those who deserve it.

Some of the projects he has worked toward are listed in his communication. They are:

1. Fort Ord Veteran's Cemetery
2. New VA/DOD Clinic for the Central Coast
3. Veteran Center Community Outreach Vehicle
4. A Veteran's History Project

But at the same time he pats his own back for his tribute to the American soldier, he also votes in favor of Obama's Socialist Health Care Bill, which makes a mockery of the sacrifice these soldiers made. How many soldiers gave their lives to PREVENT socialism from reaching our shores? Yet Sam Farr Left attempts to plunge this country into the very socialism these soldiers gave their lives to keep from taking hold.

Is the hypocrisy not obvious? Sam Farr Left creates a cemetery for fallen soldiers and then spits on their graves by voting for the very types of policies these men died for.

Furthermore, Farr Left has the audacity to claim that he is honoring the soldiers who safe-guarded 'our democratic principles;' he says, "I have always believed that our nation must honor the commitments and promises it has made to our nation's veterans, and this Veterans Day gives us the opportunity to honor the sacrifices veterans have made to safeguard our democratic principles."

Really, Sam? You vote to usher in totalitarian, tyrannical, big-government, oligarchical-rule and yet you claim to honor those who died for democracy?

Sorry, Mr. Farr Left, your empty gestures are nothing more than a charade. You revealed your real self by your voting, not by your platitudes.

We don't buy it.

You can not hide behind the same flag which you are also setting afire.

That just doesn't fly.

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