Wednesday, May 25, 2011

America Pays as Obama Betrays

Concerning the terrible floods of the Mississippi and the horrific tornadoes in the mid-west, I hate to say, 'I told you so;' but I did. And you can blame the Great Betrayer, Barry Hussein Obama.

Why is that?

Well, as I said on February 16 of this year, in this article here on RightHooks, when Barry Hussein O., who illegally sits in the Oval Office, betrays Israel, our nation suffers national disasters...every time.

His betrayals in February paled in comparison to his most recent betrayal by insisting that Israel revert to the 1967 borders of its country.

What was the result? Well, just look at the news. America pays when Obama betrays.

And why is this? What evidence is there to tie national disaster to any president's relations with Israel?

Well, to find out, let's go back to the Bible (for libiots, this is God's Word, upon which all the founding fathers depended and understood. For libiots: God, the God of Israel, is the One Who created this world, and you, and whom all the founding fathers recognized and submitted to.)
In Genesis 12:3, God says to [Israel]: "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse..."

In other words, if you are for Israel, you are for God Himself. Likewise, if you are against Israel, you are against God Himself, for God has chosen Israel to be His elected people. Not elite, but elected for which to reach the world through.

And our national disasters? They are God's judgment on us who dare betray Israel. And since Obama represents 'us,' we suffer when he betrays.

Now I did not connect these dots alone. Author John P. McTernan in his must-read book, As America Has Done to Israel explains these things in remarkable and indisputable fashion. Among other evidences, he shows how in the New York Times, every national disaster shares headlines with a President's betrayal of Israel. Think about that one for a moment...

And the current disasters are no exception.

So it should come as no surprise that American citizens are suffering, for Barack Obama, whose mentor of ideals, Saul Alinsky, dedicates his book Rules for Radicals to LUCIFER (!), is clearly AGAINST ISRAEL, and, therefore AGAINST GOD HIMSELF!

Yes, there can be no question that Barry Hussein Obama is an agent of evil.

And who else has been against Israel? Well, Hitler certainly was, wasn't he? And the cry of all Muslims is, 'Death to Israel.' Certainly evil would seek to eliminate God's chosen people, and all of the above have lined up on that side of the aisle.

For Barack conveniently forgets that Israel was attacked in 1967, she did not start that war, or any war. The fact that she not only protected herself, but gained crucial defensible land in the process falls as the fault of those who attacked her; to the victors go the spoils.

Neither does Obama remember that the Muslims sided with Germany in WWI and therefore, when Germany lost the war, lost all privileges to their land; to the victors go the spoil. Of course, we could have gone in and slaughtered them all, which they certainly would have done to us, but we simply re-defined their boundaries and inserted Israel back to their own homeland instead.

For it was GOD Who originally gave the land of Israel to Israel. And who does any man, including Obama, think he is that he could take away from Israel what God Himself has given to them? A very arrogant person, I would say. A godless person, I would say. One who follows Lucifer, or Islam [same thing], I would say.

So if we want to be in God's blessing, which we were for many, many years, instead of His curse, which we are now, the solution is simple. We need to elect a God-fearing man into the office of the President, instead of a Lucifer-following fool like we have there now.


Ema Nymton said...


Domestic "christian" Terrorist,

Has it ever occurred to you that the rapture occurred; and no was acceptable?

Maybe you should stop trying to speak for god. It is really bad form.

Are you saying natural disaster did not happen before Mr Obama was elected President? Is god telling you that natural disasters will stop when a Republicant is elected?

Ema Nymton

RightHooks said...

Emma, those are all good questions. Please allow me to address them in order:

1. Indeed none of us are acceptable to be raptured. Hence the need of a Savior's blood to redeem us fallen and despicable humans. Did it occur? No.

2. I am not speaking for God; rather I am explaining what God Himself has already declared in His Word, the Bible, and suggesting that our national disasters are the judgment He promised for those who turn their backs on Israel.

3. No, I am not saying that natural disasters only occur with Obama. In fact, in the book described, there is discussion of the famed 'Perfect Storm' which happened on George Bush, Sr.'s administration. It happens, that GB, Sr. also turned his back on Israel, although not to the extent that Obama has. The 'Perfect Storm' was one that defied all previously data on storms and how they travel. It did the impossible and unnaturally reversed course and went directly for GB, Sr.'s vacation home in Kennebunkport, (sp?) Maine and destroyed part of that house.

Also, GWBush turned his back on Israel by pressuring them to give up Gaza among other things. And, in the same time period, hurricane Katrina hit our south coast, causing immeasurable damage,

So both Bush's betrayals of Israel also caused American suffering and deaths.

Even Clinton did the same type of thing with the same results.

But none of these erroneous presidents has betrayed Israel to the extent that Obama has.

I strongly suggest you get a copy of the book mentioned, As America Does To Israel, or whatever the title was. Approach it as a skeptic. It will present a very compelling argument that you are free to deny. But you will have educated yourself of the possibility.

If you want, I will purchase and send you a copy...which would reveal our true names and addresses to each other. But I don't mind, because though we disagree with one another continuously, we stand on equal grounds as human beings and I would still sit down with you over a cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your excellent article, "America Pays as Obama Betrays." The picture of the tornado and lightning says it all: we are again experiencing the truth of Genesis 12:3 -- "...I will curse them who curse you..."

Our secular media cannot see this connection. In fact, a recent poll found that only about 30% of those calling themselves Christians believe that God punishes nations today via natural disaster.

Yet, the word of the Lord is true. I thank God for McTernan, Koenig and others like you who warn us. There could well be much worse in store for America.


RightHooks said...


It is nice to hear from someone who actually has a clue about what is really happening in the world.

Israel has always been the rock against which nations beat themselves into ruin.