Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obama to Have Israel Rebuked; Prepare for a National Disaster

The skinny Kenyan socialist who presumptuously works out of the Oval Office has instructed his administration to REBUKE ISRAEL at an upcoming United Nations Security Council meeting, and will, instead, side with Muslim countries.

The issue Obama sees fit to rebuke Israel on involves Israel building homes on Israeli land.

Obama must think he is one important dude who possesses enough authority to try to restrict Israel from building on land that God Himself gave to them to build on. Most other libiots are also convinced of this overestimation of Obama's clout.

And, as has been the pattern in recent American history each and every time our presidential administration turns its back on Israel in favor of the Muslims, watch for a big natural disaster to once again slam the United States.

For those liberals/atheists/Muslim-appeasers who doubt this, please educate yourself before you make some typically idiotic statement about this. For example, look up The Storm of the Century. Look at the headlines of the NY Times which reported on it and see what else was in the headlines...and then track the impossible path the storm took, and eventually damaged a particular sitting President's vacation home in Kennebunkport, Maine...

Yes, Obama's capitulation to Muslims will not only result in Muslims making increasingly-greater demands, but it will also put the United States in the cross-hairs of one Who said to Israel, "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you."

Now sit back and watch...if Obama follows through with this madness of rebuking Israel for building homes in their own country, there WILL BE a price to pay, and likely through natural disaster of some kind.

Thank you, Barry Hussein O.; your transparent and shameless hate for Israel is going to bring more bad things upon us. But don't forget what that One said to Israel, you know about the blessing or the curse, because if you do curse Israel, you are accountable to Him.

And it is a terrible thing to fall into the judgment of a holy God, Barry.

See the story here.

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