Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Democraps Hiding Heads in the Sand

In a shining example of how mature the nation's Democraps are, instead of showing up and voting on a bill which would save the state millions of dollars, ALL the Wisconsin Democrap State Senators have GONE INTO HIDING!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

One can only picture them collectively holed up in a big sandbox all with their heads buried as deep into the sand as possible.

Obviously 'mature' is not the correct adjective to describe these cowardly chicken-hearts' silly, childish behavior. But it is, nonetheless, how Democraps handle things when the shoe is on the other foot, for a change. Instead of manning up and working with their limitations (Wisconsin recently voted into power a Conservative Republican Governor, and Republican Senate and House majorities) the Democraps have instead chosen to go on an indulgent pity party in some unknown location.

It boggles the mind to understand the Democrap in general; but it falls into levels only described as 'enigmatic' when one tries to comprehend the behavior of these fools who are in hiding rather than at the state Capitol in Madison casting their votes, as required by law.

Fortunately the State police are currently out looking for these fugitives. Hopefully immediately after they are apprehended and forced to cast their votes according to law, they will be taken to jail and charged with the crimes they are committing.

For instead of doing the right thing, they choose to do nothing at all.

Aren't these Democraps great leaders?

LOL. Story here.

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