Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ha! Ha! Anderson Cooper Gets It AGAIN!

From the "I'm twice as stupid as you previously thought I was" file, news has leaked out that CNN's femi-man, Anderson Cooper, who just days ago was thumped on by insane Muslims in Egypt, has not learned a single thing from his experience.

Yes, the wanna-be journalist not only was stupid enough to go down into the rioting Muslim mob the first time and get a duly-deserved whooping for being there, but AFTER this episode, the moron goes BACK.

And, in similar fashion, Mr. Cooper was once again assaulted by Muslims, who excel at violence and hatred.

You can't even ask, 'what was he thinking,' because it is so evident that he was thinking typical liberal thoughts of tolerance and multiculturalism which are completely un-related to the real world.

I mean, getting beat down once would teach most people to alter their course. But not Mr. Cooper. Nope, he, once again, must have figured that he was above the rest, that his distortion of reality really is true, and that he has a 'right' to go down into the mob and do a story.

Unfortunately, the lumps on his lumps testify to the fact that the real world is something outside of Cooper's paradigm.

Cry me a river, Anderson. If you are stupid enough to go back for more, well, more is what you deserve.

Simply priceless.

Full story here. (Try not to wet your pants while you are laughing hysterically!)


Ema Nymton said...


Domestic "christian" Terrorist,

The expression 'shoot the messenger' comes to mind? The truth is something you do not want to hear so you mock the messenger and you laugh at the messenger being beaten.

Where are your crocodile tears for the Fox "news" people being beaten?

Ema Nymton
The LEFT - taking shit for being right since long before you were born

RightHooks said...

Ema, Well, they didn't shoot him, but he certainly gave them plenty of opportunities.

As for the FoxNews team that was attacked...well, that was just WRONG!