Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Female CBS Reporter Assaulted in Egypt

I very rarely show pity on any old-media types, such as ABC, NBC, CNN, or CBS, but this recent event in Egypt has crossed the line.

A female CBS reporter, whom 60 Minutes stupidly put in harm's way to report on events during the riots occurring there, was recently surrounded, separated and then 'brutally... sexually assaulted and beaten' by a mob of locals.

Anderson Cooper getting his lumps is one thing. But raping an American woman, or any woman, regardless of anything, is asking for wrath.

If I were the American dictator, I would be responding to Egyptian Muslims with JDAMS, mass quantities of cluster bombs, a B-52 carpet bombing campaign from the Mediterranean to the mouth of the Nile, cruise missiles and a few MOAB's just for effect and a small amount of satisfaction.

Cursed be CBS for putting this woman in this situation! They should be sued blind by the lady!

Flatten that place and let the Egyptians rest with their mummies!!

Pitiful story here.

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