Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Obama-Holder: Vie Are Vatching You

It just gets sicker every day.

Instead of going after law BREAKERS, i.e. illegal immigrants, illegal bribes, illegal cronyism, and other behavior common of the left, Obama is now going after, yes, American law ENFORCEMENT.

Much like when they went after the state of Arizona for ENFORCING the immigration laws, Obama has sent his dupes from the [in-]Justice Department to 'monitor police departments in major U.S. cities' to punish any police abuse against lower-income citizens.

In other words, Obama is creating the straw man that police abuse is in some kind of epidemic mode in this country. Why he is not going after the gangs in those cities and looking for justice for their victims, only an insane person can understand.

No doubt this politically-motivated stunt, which closely resembles antics of the Nazi SS squad, is like sending a herd of cats by every mouse-hole in the house, waiting to pounce.

Can there even BE a more overt and shameless attempt to pounce on law enforcement so as to cast THEM as the enemy, (not the criminals) who cannot be trusted? And would this action then gain inner-city votes for the Obama administration? A more intelligent move would have to be written crayons.

Which again shows that Eric Holder, Obama lackey, is not seeking justice, like his department is supposed to do, but is seeking political advantage. This means that federal money is being spent to build a case (which does not currently exist, but will when ONE law enforcement officer faces a single complaint of abuse and then gets pounced on by the Feds) for the shameless purpose of garnering votes.

This is fraud. This is illegal. Eric Holder should be fired. Obama (whom should be investigated by Holder) should be helad accountable, for a change.

For these lies, deceptions, set-ups, manipulations, and charades by this administration simply do not cease. That there is a larger, darker, more sinister agenda - socialist related - cannot be denied. This administration seeks the demise of the traditional America to be replaced with some sick, radical supposed-utopia which is an evil fantasy.

And is nothing less than:

'Seig Heil!'

"Vie are vatching you."

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