Monday, May 24, 2010

Obama Using STOLEN Social Security Number!

Wow. One thing that Rev. James Manning's Obama trial has brought out is that the Kenyan and former Senator from Illinois, B. Hussein Obama, is actually using a Social Security number which is not only from Connecticut, but it belongs to a man born in the late 1800's!

Regardless how deeply you look into this, there can be no getting around that this is fraud and it is illegal. Regardless how you might try to deny this, since Obama never lived in Connecticut, there can be no doubt that there is shadowy deception involved in this impostor's contrived persona.

But it gets even better. Manning also uncovered that Obama never even attended Columbia University!

There is NO RECORD of him being there, NOBODY who was there remembers him, and in one of the classes he claimed that he was in, someone uncovered a class picture. In that class, there were only two black men; and the detailed color picture shows that neither one was Obama.

So the mask is starting to peel off of Obama's seditious and illegal position in the Oval Office. Though he (or someone) has spent millions of dollars to cover up details of his past, intrepid Americans are uncovering facts which will eventually lead to Obama's impeachment, and, hopefully imprisonment. Or deportation.

This is beautiful. And there are no liberal twists or spins that can get Barry out of this one. His cookie is crumbling, his goose is cooked, and his 'chickens are about to come home to roost' (hat tip to Obama's former mentor, radical Reverend Wright, Whitey hater.)

Let the real trials begin.

Read the indisputable, compelling story here.

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