Thursday, May 20, 2010

Facebook Censorship: Everybody Draw Muhammad Day Deleted

One of my Facebook friends sent a message requesting links to the groups participating in Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. When I searched for them, I found the links as expected, then I made an unpleasant discovery.
Screen shot of the search word and results.

So far, so good, until I clicked on the first result.

Facebook News Feed

Instead of the group, I got the News Feed, meaning that Facebook deleted the group in a shameful act of censorship.

Only one of the three groups remains: Click the image below to visit it, if Facebook does not pull it down as it did the others.

Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

Its about free speech, folks, even obnoxious, offensive speech must be protected. Islam forbids all negative commentary about their demon, its mouthpiece and the damnable doctrines they concocted for the domination of the human race. Here are the links to the relevant Shari'ah for those who missed them in previous posts.
Muslims riot, threaten and litigate when "offended". Their demeanor and conduct convey important information about Islam. Shall we, like lambs, be led silent to the slaughter or will we rise up screaming curses? I take the latter course. I ask you to join me.

Like Islam, Socialism seeks to protect its damnable doctrines from exposure to criticism. President Obama, Mark Lloyd and Elena Kagan have something in common with Facebook: they think that there is too much of some kinds of speech. They seek "balance". They don't want their boat rocked. Whether blatant, in Facebook's case or subtle, in Obamination's case, censorship must be challenged

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