Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Islam is the Enemy

A blog titled 'YARDY YARDY YARDY" published a post about moves to ban the burqa and minarets. I will quote and refute the concluding paragraph.

But isn't that confusing moderate Islam, with the extremists who kill and bomb in the name of their wild interpretations of the Qur’an? Yes, the memories of 9/11 will forever demonise Islam, but in reality it should only demonise those carrying out the terrorist attacks.
Islam is not the enemy: its radical variants are.

Moderate Islam is a figment of fertile imagination, it does not exist. Islam is not moderate, it is a demonic mandate to terrorize the entire world and subject it to genocidal aggression. Islam is what Allah said, Moe repeated & exemplified. Allah said that fighting is ordained for Muslims. He ordered Muslims to fight pagans until resistance ceased and only Allah was worshiped. He ordered Muslims to fight "people of the book" until they are subjugated and submit to extortion. Moe confirmed the orders, then he invaded his neighbors.

Allah said that he would cast terror. He ordered Muslims to build a strong army to strike terror into their enemies. Then he cast terror, so that one of the local Jewish settlements was conquered, the men killed and their widows & orphans enslaved. Moe said that he was made victorious by terror.

There is only one correct interpretation of the Qur'an, Moe's interpretation which is exemplified by his military career of 86 battles. To discover what Moe said and did about the Qur'an, exemplifying his interpretation of his recitation, turn to

Ignorant idiots think that Moe was a benign saint, the best and greatest of men. They are blissfully unaware of the fact that he dictated extortion letters to his scribes and had them hand delivered to neighboring kings and emperors. He followed up those missives by sending his army.

The founder of Islam was a barbarian warlord who preached and practiced genocidal aggression. How then can anyone assert that the institution he founded is benign and anodyne?

Islam is a deen: way of life; intra-species predation. Muslims are people who believe in and implement that deen. They are the enemy. The assumption that Muslims accept the "good parts" and reject the rest is based on false hope and misunderstanding. Islam is all or nothing, not a la carte.

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