Sunday, May 23, 2010

At West Point, Obama Tries Surrendering to the World

A day after B. Hussein Obama announced the surrender of the United States to all-comers at West Point, it has now been confirmed that North Korea's Dictator, Lil' Kim, authorized the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel himself.

In case you missed it, Obama, the Surrender-in-Chief, spoke to graduating cadets at West Point on Friday and announced that our nation's national security strategy would be 'diplomacy.'

Furthermore, he pledged allegiance to a 'new international order' (isn't that treason???).

So it is quite ironic, no, symptomatic, that today's headlines confirm that both North Korea and Iran are on the power move DESPITE all of Obama's previous episodes of'diplomacy'.

Newsflash to Obama and all of his Kool-Aid drinking liberal dopes: you don't stop a rattlesnake from biting you by speaking to it; you use a machete.

You don't stop a raging bull from mowing you over by discussing terms with it; you use a cannon.

You don't stop a rabid dog from attacking you by negotiations; you use a club.

To summarize this newsflash for Libiots, EVIL WILL NOT STOP UNTIL YOU STOP IT.

Of course, the liberal idiot will say, 'Well, what is evil? What may be evil for you may not be evil for me. Who are you to say that something is evil or not?"

Which brings us exactly to the point: liberal, relativist, dupes such as Obama and everyone who voted for him, either DO NOT RECOGNIZE EVIL, or ARE UNWILLING TO CONFRONT IT.

And this IGNORANT, fantastical perspective is SUICIDE to the United States of America.

Does Obama really think that North Korea or Iran are going to stop pressing forward with their military ambitions unless they are stopped? Of course he does. And for this, he should be impeached for gross dereliction of duty, because his FIRST priority SHOULD BE the protection of the American people, not the surrender to the world or an oath of fealty to an 'international order.' He has sworn himself to the American people, NOT the 'international' people.

Get it?

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