Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rampant, All-Encompassing U.S. Government Domestic Spying is a Reality

Former FBI counter terrorism agent Tim Clemente just let the cat out of the bag about the universal scope of the United States government's illegal on-going domestic spying practice stating that 'No electronic communication is secure' in this recent report.

Of course his is not the first word about it. Rumors have been flying for quite some time about the National Security Agency's (NSA) massive data warehousing facility in Utah. (Google it.) And other sources have been saying it for a much longer time.

But has anyone looked in to the implications and ramifications and risks of such unprecedented power? RightHooks intends to do that right now.

Think about this - every electronic communication intercepted and stored. Every cell phone call. Every email. Every person. Every website. Every keystroke. Every electronic bank transaction  Recorded and stored  by the NSA or other spying elements of the United States government. Without warrants. Without suspicion. Illegal data seizure. Of everybody's everything.

Can you say monster?

Likely born out of the post-911 security interests, such a behemoth is now in the hands of the anti-American political and ideological agenda of New Socialist Barack Obama and his godless affiliates to use in whatever way they think will advance their cause.

For example, remember when CIA Directory General David Petraeus wouldn't tow the party line on the Benghazi-gate and was indicating that he would testify before Congress? The usual threats and political pressure by the Obama criminal thugs did not work. So then what happened? Why, General Petraeus was conveniently found to be sending romantic emails to a woman who was not his wife, it all blew up in his face and he was forced to resign in the aftermath.

But who, exactly, found those emails? And how? What crime was he suspected of and what evidence was brought forth for a warrant for his electronic interactions to be searched?

And what about the strange turn-about of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts when the legality of the socialistic power-grab called Obamacare was being argued, how did his opinion all of a sudden flip-flop?

Does it not seem quite characteristic of the current criminal organization called the Obama administration to actually start sniffing out the profiles of potential political threats to find something to essentially blackmail them with?

"Excuse me, General, if you don't go along with the story we concocted about Benghazi, we are going to tell your wife that you had an affair with this woman whom you have been emailing..."

"Excuse me, Mr. Supreme Court Justice, we understand that you may rule against Obamacare. We would like to remind you that if you do, we will tell your family that you have visited X website. How do you think your wife would feel about that, sir? Is losing your marriage worth it?.."

Don't think these are the only possible instances. Imagine the ones you haven't heard about. And what about the ones who can't be flipped like Andrew Breitbart? What was his fate? Invisible deadly microwave pulses to the heart?

So how would this godzilla-like ability to capture electronic data get all squeezed down in order to be useful for political tyrants? Easily - they simply develop a profile to define everything about you. If Facebook and Google can do it, imagine what the software programmers in classified projects with unlimited budgets and access to all electronic data and are capable of.

They have your specific, moment-by moment location data from your cell phone. Therefore they know where you live, where you work, what route you take to work, where you shop, where you spend your time, for how long, when and how often. Overlay these data points with a calendar and you begin to develop patterns.

Combine this with spending data, messaging data, internet search data, bank account information, communication data, the voice-transcribed logs of your cell phone calls, friends lists, email recipients' lists and associations and you can easily see how this profile can quite easily pinpoint much of what you are all about.

Now add in your IP addresses used, and all known usernames (forget about secure passwords...they record every keystroke, remember? They have, therefore every password you ever created) and accounts. They know and data mine them all. No doubt every time you log into anything from anywhere and type, it gets routed and stored directly into the appropriate category of the very personal profile they have in your name, for just you.

Then web things together by taking all the conversations, behavior, calls, etc. of your family, friends, contacts internet associations, etc. and you are now is a classification group and given a threat level value. That threat level value and all of your predictive behavior is sent through the algorithm of comparative behavior of actual "threats" to see where you really are at, what you might do and if they need to pay more attention to you.

Of course, "threat" is an interchangeable variable, isn't it? Threat to what, national security or perpetual political prominence? In the wrong hands, this machine can pull down enough dirt to blackmail nearly any American citizen unfortunate enough to be the political enemy of a current regime.

And who can hide from this monster? Can the author of this post presume some kind of anonymity from it? Hardly. And since this author so often writes about the blatant criminality of the illegal president and his illegal, un-Constutional, and, therefore un-American. behavior, no doubt this author is on the current political enemies list.

Pandora's Box
This illegal spying capability is of little comfort when such assets are focused on Janet Napitano's 'domestic enemies' who are returning war veterans, Christians, law-abiding gun owners and conservatives (principled people who won't swallow Obama and liberal B.S.) instead of actual national security threats like the Boston Bombers...and if it didn't stop them, it has proven itself useless.

But it should not be trashed because it was ineffective in stopping actual terrorist attacks; it should be stopped because it is illegal and just too big of an ugly tool. Such centralized information in the hands of a corrupt centralized government such as exists now, is plenty of proof that it needs to be taken down, dismantled immediately.

This spying beast should not be allowed to function, period. For it is indeed Pandora's Box to the greatest extent and to the largest degree. Humanity and a free people cannot and must not suffer its existence.

[Look for upcoming posts on this topic in the future.]

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