Friday, May 24, 2013

Media Complicit in Institutionalized Persecution of American Christians and Patriots

Make no mistake about it, the left and the media are guilty of willingly allowing the Marxist Obama administration to systematically persecute American Patriots, many of whom are Christians.

They, who supposedly champion the causes of tolerance and injustice, have deliberately turned a blind eye to the shameless power grab by the current tyrannical government as it consciously used the institutions of
government to target, harass, intimidate and punish law-abiding American citizens.

One Texas Tea Party patriot was first harassed by the FBI. And then OSHA. And then the EPA. And then the ATF. This cannot and does not happen unless there is organized and intentioned efforts by the very
highest levels of government...who else could pull those strings? Who else can dictate what each of these agencies does? Nobody.

Another citizen who was sending boxes of goodies to deployed U.S. soldiers and adopted the name 'Patriots' in her ministry's name traveled out of the country to Jamaica. When she was set to return she was pulled aside at the airport by that country's immigration officials and intensely interrogated. She was eventually told that her country had been told by the United States Government to put her through aggressive questioning upon her return to the U.S.

The above instances and countless others are clear and unequivocal examples of deliberate persecution of Christians and Patriots by the current godless administration...and it all happened while the media willingly slept.

Yes, persecution became institutionalized. It was allowed to happen by a power-drunk government who had no accountability to the allied and, therefore, complicit media. There is no arguing now about IF it was allowed to happen; it happened. It exists. There is no debate about the facts which have come to light in recent weeks.

Consider which of the Amendments this government has violated against American citizens in the perpetration of these recent scandalous efforts...let's see, people were punished for exercising their freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion. They were punished without a trial. Their information was seized without a warrant or probable cause. They were deprived of liberty without due process of law. The accused did not enjoy a speedy trial, or any court hearing whatsoever before punishment began.They were not informed about the nature and cause of the accusation, nor were they allowed to confront the witnesses against them. Cruel and certainly unusual punishments were inflicted against them. They were denied other rights retained by the people. They were persecuted by powers not delegated to the United States government which remained reserved for the people instead.

The list of Constitutional violations performed by this tyranny in government is lengthy; enough to call the current administration domestic enemies of the Constitution, clearly. 

And the complicit media are in the same exact standing - domestic enemies of the United States Constitution.

Is it any wonder that around the time when this persecution began Homeland Security chief Janet Napalitano started started labelling Christians, patriots and veterans 'domestic terrorists'? They knew who they were targeting back then. 'Expecting violent push back' may well describe their actions since that point in time by hjacking the ammunition supply, gathering tanks and armored vehicles, attempting to disarm citizens and many more subversive activities. Of course, they want the violent push back, Obama wants it, so he can claim justification to declare martial law and halt elections, making himself dictator.

But they didn't get their violent push back, to the credit of the patient American patriots.

However, in the absence of violent push back, institutionalized persecution was allowed to arise. Please re-read that last phrase. Institutionalized persecution was allowed to arise. Now think about that.

But it cannot be allowed to stand.

Those involved must be exposed like cockroaches and punished to the fullest extent of the law without exception. We'll let Congress and special prosecutors kick their a$$es for now.

But the complicit media must also receive notice. The names and addresses of Owners and Editors and key decision makers needs to be published on the internet so that these people, too, know that are accountable to the very public they have been manipulating for years.

RightHooks is gladly willing to publish the names and addresses of these accountable people, the key players in the national media who allowed the institutionalized persecution of American citizens to arise in this country on their watch...

Such a list would look something like this:

1. NBC News -
Owner:[Name, address]
Editor 1: {Name, address]

2. The New York Times -
Owner:[Name, address]
Editor 1: {Name, address]

3. CBS News -
Owner:[Name, address]
Editor 1: {Name, address]

4. ABC News -
Owner:[Name, address]
Editor 1: {Name, address]

5. The Washington Post -
Owner:[Name, address]
Editor 1: {Name, address]

6. CNN -
Owner:[Name, address]
Editor 1: {Name, address]


You send them, we'll post them.

Good luck, lying, complicit, persecutorial media. Sleep well.

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