Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Be a Liberal: Kill the Babies, Save the Perverts

Be a liberal:

Kill the babies.

Save the perverts.

Preach tolerance to others, whom you don't tolerate.

Accept no limits on your behavior, but demand tyrannical limits on the behavior of others.

Call nothing immoral; except the mention of Jesus.

Make the holy profane, and the profane holy.

Pretend you are the offspring of apes, not of God your Creator, for then you think you have no accountability.

Demote God.

Deify man.

Deny sin.

Denigrate Scripture.

Devalue Jesus.

In all things, indulge.

Pretend YOU are the source of defining what is right and wrong.

Pretend there is no final judgement.

Call war veterans 'baby killers' and then go get another abortion.

Protect those killers; kill the innocent.

Blame the Christians, welcome the Muslims.

Forget about substance, it's all about style.

Pretend armed citizens will become your subjects.

Pretend there is no limit to how far you can push them.

Forget that hundreds of thousands of American patriots have already given their lives to combat tyranny such as your ideas are promoting in this country right now.

Forget that you are a domestic enemy of the U.S. Constitution.

Forget that millions of former armed forces took a non-expiring oath to defend the Constitution against its enemies - like you. Then take their jobs away, make them pay the way for sloths and illegals, and finally, try to take away their guns.

Pretend polite people like you.

Pretend Muslims like you.

One of your Muslim friends might even trust you enough to let you take one of their packages on to an airplane with you. You'll be the shining star of diversity. Literally.

Make it wrong for a 15-year old to wear a t-shirt to school with an image of a cross or a gun on it, or for him to have too large of a cup of soda, but if he gets sodomized behind the building after school, that's ok.

Protect the criminals, protect the perverse, punish the innocent.

Be sure to use your protected free-speech rights to work for the elimination of the Amendments that don't work for you, that you don't believe in.

Try to figure out what you can't see in this term: hypocrte.

Pretend Obama is a good president.

Pretend Obama is a good man.

Pretend those that do not support him do so because they are racists.

Pretend you know how you might know that. Please explain.

Pretend the pendulum will never swing the other way.

Pretend you will not reap what you sow.

Pretend it wasn't spoke from one old trucker
that payback sure will be a ________________.

Be a liberal : go back to sleep, keep dreaming. Those aren't footsteps you hear.

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