Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vote Fraud--One Man One Vote; Unless He is a Democrat.

I found this on the Examiner, and I am sharing it with you because we all need to know. I want the electorate to become aware of what is happening, promoted by Democrat Party professional staff members around the country. 

`The 'crats and their willing accomplices in the media tell us that vote fraud is a fantasy.  This Project Veritas video proves otherwise.  Please watch it and share it because it deserves to go viral. 

    We need a choice, not an echo. We need a candidate sufficiently intelligent and informed to realize and sufficiently couragious to acknowledge the fact that the "Two State Solution" is part of the probem; no solution.  I will vote for a candidate who knows that Islam is the enemy and that terrorism is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam. 

    I can not, in good conscience, cast a vote for Willard Romney, but I hate Obamination with an ineffable passion  and do not want to see it prevail by fraud. 
We need to abandon the corrupt and spineless GOP and form a Conservative Party with spines & testicles; who will select its own nominee on merit, without accepting input from the chattering class, media and 'crats.

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