Sunday, October 21, 2012

OIC Abandons UN Push for Blasphemy Laws: In A Pig's Anus!

! Atlas Shrugs is claiming victory.  [Emphasis added.]

The OIC has relentlessly pursued resolutions on restrictions on free speech for decades. So their caving on this is astounding. This is a testament to the work of vocal counter-jihadists in the West. When people began to understand that it was not about "insulting" or "offensive" speech but really about imposing the blasphemy laws under the sharia, freedom-loving peoples were not having it. Not. at. all. I believe the ummah will continue to agitate for free speech restrictions in the streets and in smoky rooms behind closed doors of the EU and other world bodies. And we see the media and political hacks already self-enforcing the sharia without these proposed resolutions. But even so, this is a major victory. Savor it.

And let the educating begin!

Freedom House welcomes the OIC's decision to abandon the push for UN resolutions condemning defamation of Islam. 

Freedom House welcomes several recent statements by representatives of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) affirming that the group will no longer support the problematic concept of “defamation of religions despite growing pressure from some Muslim countries to pursue a global ban on blasphemy or religious insult.

Human Rights First is on the same bandwagon

Human Rights First today welcomed the statement by Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), affirming the 57-member organization will not seek a global ban on blasphemy or defaming religion through the United Nations.



    The claim of abandonment of pursuing the defamation meme at the UN is lower than camel dung in the desert!  The defamation meme, international blasphemy laws and promoting them through the United Nations have not been abandoned; they continue on a parallel track, below the radar. 

     So, they won't push for new UN. resolutions; big deal.  They are pushing for a binding protocol to ICERD which will inject Islamic blasphemy law into an international human rights covenant, making it enforceable in court.  An ad hoc committee of the Human Rights Council meets for two ten day sessions each year to code the protocol.  Once that protocol is signed and ratified, you can kiss the free speech clause goodbye forever.  All negative commentary on Islam will be punishable by law. 

    For the benefit of those ignorant of the Ad Hoc Committee on Elaboration of Complementary International Standards, I have embedded a pdf file compiled from seven previous blog posts.  It is 80 pages long, with plenty of redundancy.  The most important clauses have been highlighted to make it easier for you to skim the documents for the important bits.

    They bitched about the publication of The Prophet of Doom,  which accurately quotes Islam's canon  to provide the context and chronology lacking in the Qur'an.   They bitched about the publication of Fitna, which accurately  exposes the cause and effect relationship between the damnable doctrines enshrined in the Qur'an & exemplified in the hadith with their consequences on the street when kutbah at Jumah Salat rouses the rabble.  They bitched about the Motoons which depict Moe as a terrorist.  He said that he was  "made victorious by terror", so he damn well was a terrorist.  They demanded blockage of the publication of those works and they demand the head of the creator of Innocence of Muslims, which accurately depicts Moe as a lecherous pedophile, murderer, barbarian war lord and false prophet.   Ban Ki-moon's statement about Fitna, quoted in the pdf, tells us everything we need to know about what they want to ban: everything that puts Islam in a bad light. 

    Our freedom of speech is under attack, even though the attackers appear to have withdrawn.  We need to defend our liberty and a good offense is the best defense.  The International Qur'an Petition has a three page pdf which documents Islam's egregious violation of ICERD, ICCPR & CPPCG, which require it to be proscribed by law.  When you sign that petition, it sends emails to Congress, including a link to that pdf document.



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