Friday, July 23, 2010

Vijay Kumar Exposes Islam

Vijay Kumar has written an excellent article about Islam, published at Right Side News. His article exposes the most important facts which every American needs to know about Islam.

This is the clearest, most extensive and most complete exposure of Islam by any Congressional candidate known to me. The voters of Georgia's fifth district should consider themselves extremely fortunate to find a candidate of Kumar's caliber. Those able and willing to fully expose Islam as a predatory and seditious war cult are rare indeed.

If you love liberty; if you wish to spare America from further attacks; if you desire true homeland security, then read this article immediately, book mark it for future reference and exhort all your friends and associates to read it. Spread the word; make it go viral!!!

The Muslim Mosque: A State Within A State

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RightHooks said...


Love this quote from the article, which, incidentally, we have been saying for years!!!!!

"Islam's political documents and law call for the overthrow of our Constitution and our man-made laws, and therefore for the overthrow of our government, which by definition constitutes sedition and treason."


Which is why it should be outlawed and why Obama the Muslim should be impeached, tried and convicted for treason.