Sunday, July 11, 2010

Little Green Footballs Drank the Kool-Aid

Today I returned to the site, Little Green Footballs, a site that I had formerly oft-visited and considered to be a conservative website. Because registration for comments was continuously closed, I eventually drifted to other sites.

But to my surprise, registration was actually OPEN, so I jumped right in. The first post I read was shocking, however, in that it was nothing but a slur of Pam Geller and a recent article she posted on Atlas Shrugs. In her article Geller speculates if Obama's thugocracy would go so far as to nuke an America city to retain power in view of the 2010 Republican voting tsunami.

Rather than deal with Geller's thesis, all LGF and it's commenters resorted to was simple name-calling and arrogant pile-on remarks which seemed quite un-typical of the LGF that I remember.

So I used my newly-found commenting privileges to comment on what I observed.

What followed was that I became the subject of their juvenile ire. I was accused of being a 'troll' and Charles from LGF promptly condemned me and locked my account and then banned my IP. Charles' words were, "...Hah!You registered to post this nonsense? You'll be much happier posting comments elsewhere, I'm sure. Bye now."

If this level of intelligence, insight and prudence is a reflection of what has become of LGF, then they have successfully isolated themselves into their own little Lord-of-the-Flies community; a circle of arrogance, assumed superiority and delusions of omniscience.

How deeply had 'Charles' looked in to me or my positions? A link to this site was readily available on my LGF username, Right Hooks. How did he 'know' that I was a 'troll?' Because I put the gaze off of Geller and on to the subject of her post, and then asked the question, "Did LGF drink the kool-aid?" he summarily banned me from the site.

Now is that not a fine demonstration of Lord-of-the-Flies thinking?

As for LGF, because of their impetuous post and the hurried condemnation of this new commentor by the LGF community, I am left to think that not only does LGF drink the kool-aid, they also swallow.

See this pathetic display of LGF narcissism here (I am post #397)

[Charles: Yes, I DO rather enjoy posting elsewhere, you fraud!]

UPDATE: Looks like iceweasel and Gus 802 (probably a reference to how many homosexual encounters he has had with Charles and iceweasel so far this year) have concluded that I am a 'dweeb unit'. After decades of research, they decided that I was disingenuous. Yes, their self-satisfaction is now complete; they rule the empire. Bow before them, for they are gods!

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