Thursday, June 10, 2010

We are being Screwed!

The Free Enterprise Nation reports that President Obama signed Executive Order 13495 January 30' 09. I do not recall any prior information about this order.

Examine the President's rationale.

When a service contract expires, and a follow-on contract is awarded for the same service, at the same location, the successor contractor or its subcontractors often hires the majority of the predecessor's employees. On some occasions, however, a successor contractor or its subcontractors hires a new work force, thus displacing the predecessor's employees.

The Federal Government's procurement interests in economy and efficiency are served when the successor contractor hires the predecessor's employees. A carryover work force reduces disruption to the delivery of services during the period of transition between contractors and provides the Federal Government the benefits of an experienced and trained work force that is familiar with the Federal Government's personnel, facilities, and requirements.

Paying more for services because of union extortion is not consistent with economy & efficiency. When government and unions gang up on us, the government wastes money, paying higher than market costs for goods and services, while the wages and benefits extorted by unions create an economic imbalance, reducing our buying power.

In effect, President Obama is greasing the palms of the union bosses who helped to finance his election campaign. Union members pay dues, which are used to elect their democrat patrons as well as provide luxurious wages and perks for the union bosses. The bottom line: corruption; political patronage at its worst.

Freedom of association includes the freedom not to associate. When the government coerces union membership, it steals a precious right as well as money from its victims. it also solidifies its grasp on power. That is the intent of the "The Employee Free Choice Act", which greases the skids for coerced union membership.

We must bear these issues in mind when we go to the polls, both in the primaries and November second. Let this be a warning to you; be careful when voting and make no mistakes. Investigate the candidate's associates, read their writings, listen to their speeches and check their criminal records. Find out who is financing their campaigns. Know who you are voting for!

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