Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The REAL Reason General McChrystal Gets Fired...

United States General McCrystal's only sin is that he is brave enough to speak the truth about his Surrender-in-Chief, B. Hussein Obama.

But rather than concentrating on actually WINNING the war in Afghanistan, Obama chooses instead to call McCrystal back to the White House to beat him down and fire him for speaking truth.

Pundits say that Obama is doing this because 'Obama does not want to appear weak'. Well, Obama IS weak. All of our enemies KNOW this. Yet our General leading the war in Afghanistan speaks it and he is crucified.

Which just proves how weak, insecure and inept Obama really is; just a thin-skinned baby more interested in perception than winning a war.

Oh, and here is how their meeting will go as the intrepid and courageous McCrystal falls on his sword in the name of truth and victory for the United States of America...

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Ben said...

Congratulations on another direct hit.