Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh Darn, Hezbollah's Munitions Cache Blows Up

Oh my goodness, what a terrible fate has beset Hezbollah's southern Lebanon main munitions supply.

It seems that the weapons, which the United Nations said they could not have, but which indeed were smuggled in while the impotent UN looked the other way, 'somehow' all just blew up yesterday.

Dang the bad luck.

If Allah is so set on the destruction of Israel, how could this tragedy have happened?

Furthermore, what will Iran's puppet, Hezbollah, now use when the time comes to attack Israel?

I mean what if Israel started an attack on Iran? Hezbollah, of course, would be called on to attack Israel from Lebanon, but now that they don't have any weapons, what's a terrorist to do?

Oh, the cruelty of the fates.

What's worse, apparently, the same mysterious thing happened to it's other weapons cache in July (as seen in photo above.) An extreme baffling enigma, wouldn't you say?

Or, ya gotta love a good plan when it all comes together, dontcha?

Goodbye, Hezbollah. Apparently your Allah has deserted you.

Read the whole story here.


Ben said...

T'aint the most reliable source, but heart warming none the less. I hope its true.

Evidently you think the Jews gave luck some badly needed assistance in this event.

Was that picture related to this event, or is it a left over from Shock & Awe?

RightHooks said...

As I said in the post prior to this one, Iran has "wayy overestimated their capabilities and wayy underestimated our own and that of the Israelis."

Indeed they are not fighting in the same century as either we or the Israeli's are. But they don't know it...yet.

Did the Jews give luck some badly needed assistance [a GREAT phrase, by the way! :) ]? Well, it certainly hampered Hezbollah and helps defend Israel...kind of like Jeff Gordon finding out he has a flat one second before the starting flag waves (while Dale Earnhardt drives away with a BIG smile on his face...)

As for who might have been responsible for the missile fly-by, I think you could take your pick. Israel and the US both fight in the SAME century...!

And I guarantee that if that missile is ever launched maliciously, it will never leave Iran. :)