Monday, October 5, 2009

ElBaradei: Israel is Number One Threat to Middle East

To show what a complete moron he is, and what a complete farce the organization he works for is (the International Atomic Energy Agency), instead of outing Iran's nuclear weapons program, Mohammed ElBaradei has chosen to declare that ISRAEL is the number one threat to the middle east.

Yes, that's right, Israel, who has had nuclear weapons for 30 years yet has not threatened anyone with them a single time is more dangerous than the madmen of Iran who we all know will try to use their first nuclear weapon on Israel five seconds after it is finalized.

ElBaradei is a joke. The IAEA is a joke. The United Nations is a joke. Barack Obama, who is ramping up pressure on Israel to also open its doors to the IAEA is a joke.

And as this insane dance continues, Iran gets ever closer to having nuclear weapons.

But enough is enough. The time for talk is over. Iran has had over six years to come clean on it's mal-intentioned nuclear program, and only other idiots believe that it is something other than a weapons program.

We never should have, nor can we continue to put our trust in the IAEA, ElBaradei (a fellow Muslim), the U.N or anyone else. It is time to take the bull by the horns ourselves because nobody else besides Israel has the stones to actually stand up the Iran the bully

It is time to start dropping bunker-busters like confetti in Times Square on New Year's Eve. Let it begin to rain MOABs (Mother of All Bombs), daisy-cutters, jdams, 500-pounders, 1000-pounders, 2000-pounders and all sorts of justice from the skies.

It is time to teach Iran's mullah's that Allah doesn't exist, that they have no right to threaten the annihilation of Israel, that an 'Islamic State' is a Satanic state, and just for good measure, they shouldn't have taken our citizens hostage back in 1979.

Let our FA-18's destroy their electricity plants. Let our stealth bombers make Iran's nuclear plants into wide open craters, let our stealth fighters demolish Iran's own fighter jets. Let us take out all their radar sites, missle sites, army baracks, ships, and aircraft.

And let's also bring in the big boys, the B-52's. Let's carpet bomb the entire Qom area, the place where this second nuclear plant is hidden under ground.

Enough is enough. ElBaradei and all the rest of the fools have had their opportunity to get things done. But they can't, becaus Iran understands nothing but power.

And it is time to show it to them.

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